Sister urges her to suck cock with the courage to see that she is sweet

Sister urges her to suck cock with the courage to see that she is sweet

“Shit!” That was too damned close. Fear of crashing and dying instantly flashed through my brain seconds before the car finally halted. A lamppost illuminating the car park, was just inches from the front bumper, leaving me marveling at my luck.From the telephone lying in my lap, I could hear my mother shouting, “Andrea? Andrea? what’s happening? Are you still there?”I breathed a huge sigh of relief and tried calming down. “Yes mum I’m still here but I almost crashed because of your nagging,” which wasn’t true but she didn’t have to know that, “So if you don’t mind I’m hanging up, bye, bye!”What a mess this was turning out to be.It started when I couldn’t leave work earlier than usual because I had forgotten to ask the senior office manager. He’s a rulebook man and I hadn’t played by the rules so I had to wait until five o’clock like everyone else. Silently I thanked my lucky stars that my last client had been just as eager to conclude our meeting as me, which gave me the opportunity to leave just before five despite my boss’s protestations. Even so, I was cutting it close, too close.As soon as he was out of sight I turned off my desktop as swiftly as humanly possible and with a growing sense of urgency said goodbye to my colleagues and almost ran out of the building. I wanted to run and would have run but I couldn’t. Firstly my tight pencil skirt just wouldn’t physically allow it and secondly, the heels I was wearing greatly increased the chances of me breaking an ankle if I tried running.So I was late. I knew it and regretted it but in my need to reach the shopping center on time, I had driven like a maniac. Luckily the rush hour traffic was beginning to thin out, but even so, the journey seemed to take forever. On the way there, my mum called me, as usual, to ask how long would it take before I got to her, to pick up her grandson whom she was babysitting.Instead of ignoring the irritating ringtone, I picked up my cell phone and forced myself to react cheerfully. “Hello, mum…”, I began but was rudely interrupted by a barrage of questions and demands.I tried explaining where I was going but she wasn’t listening. She just began her normal tirade of moaning and nagging about how I lived my life nowadays. As always I fought down the inevitable feelings of anger and hate that she always seemed to bring out in me, reminding myself that she did love her grandson and she was babysitting for free.When I reached the mall, still listening to my mother, my idiotic behavior continued. I accelerated forward trying to shave off a few seconds from my journey and had conveniently forgotten when it rains, everything is wet and slippery. Sooooo when I tried stopping, guess what? Nothing happened! A wave of panic seared through my body and dropping the phone, I grabbed the steering wheel, closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable sound of screeching metal as the car embraced one of the many lampposts placed around the car park. Miraculously the car found some grip and the ABS system took control, bringing the vehicle to a shuddering halt. Sitting there stunned, it took a moment before emotions kicked in and I started shaking. I began breathing deeply and tried coming to terms with my near death experience.Okay I know I’m exaggerating about the near death part, but l might have been badly injured and more importantly would have looked a right stupid bitch into the bargain. Thanking my guardian angel profusely for keeping a watch over me I heard my mums nagging voice coming from my lap. After hanging up with my mother I checked my appearance in the rearview mirror and swore softly.After hastily adjusting my hair, I swiftly checked inside my handbag to make sure I had everything. Telephone, yes. Purse, check. Keys, oh there they are, lying under my agenda. “Ok girl, let’s go” I muttered trying to encourage myself.Stepping out the car, my skirt rode up my thighs revealing my stocking tops. A group of lads taking shelter from the rain, under a bus stop, started wolf-whistling and jeering heartily at my display. I blushed at their brutality but couldn’t help feeling proud. You’ve still got it, girl, I thought to myself and with a smug “Bleep, Bleep,” locked the car and turned towards the shops. As I walked my brisk pace through the puddles that were forming in the nonstop rain, the whistling concerto continued, giving my bruised ego a much-needed boost.Looking at my watch I cursed. I didn’t have much time left. Another few minutes and the toy store would be closed. Although my stockingsbetter-lookingwere soaked and my expensive shoes probably ruined, I couldn’t stop now. I was on a mission.Tomorrow, my son was celebrating his birthday, but he wasn’t going to be cheering so loudly if I couldn’t get my act together. When I asked him what he wanted, his answer was emphatic. “A game computer!”At first, I said no. I’d tried explaining my doubts about the violent games but over the next few weeks his nagging eventually wore me down and I reluctantly agreed. Forever thinking I had enough time, I'd left it to the last moment to get his present and now I was almost too late.I burst through the mall doors and was glad to be out of the ghastly weather. I heard a security guard in the distance shouting that everything would be closing, but ignoring his protestations, I boarded the moving escalator. To hasten my journey I started climbing the steps one at a time. On reaching the next floor I paced as quickly as I could through the deserted shopping mall. There were a few people here and there, but most of them were heading towards the exits and as I reached the toy store I was just in time to see a ruggedly handsome man starting to close the doors.I slipped past him with a breathless “Thank you” and was rewarded with a look of exasperation and a shaking of his head as he gestured to his watch."I’m sorry, darlin, but we’re closing!"His voice, conflicting with his expression was warm and friendly and betrayed his London origin, but his words were not what I wanted to hear.“This won’t take long,” I pleaded, breathing heavily. My lungs were burning and I silently cursed my addiction to cigarettes. “I only need one thing. I know where it is so I don’t need any help finding it and then I’ll be on my way!”Gulping, I looked at him appealingly. He seemed to take a very long moment to decide but then his eyes twinkled and he winked. His strong mouth smiled broadly flashing a nice set of white teeth whilst he nodded.“Go on then, luv. Be quick about it, the others are already gone, but I’ll help ya!”I beamed at him and left him standing there. As if to confirm his words, a voice, out of sight and coming from the back of the shop shouted, “Bye Chris, see ya tomorrow!”With a feeling of triumph, I headed straight for the corner where all the gaming consoles were displayed and picked up the nearest box. "See nothing to it," I thought smugly, "swish my Visa through the machine, pick up Thomas from mum's and then head on home for dinner." I was on cloud nine and was mentally ticking all the boxes on my ‘to do list’ on the way to the cashier. "Wrap it up when he’s in bed and then watch his face light up as he tears it open tomorrow." I was so pleased with myself that even the prospect of seeing my mother, couldn’t dampen my spirits, but as always, things never go quite as one plans.My daydream was rudely shattered when Chris announced that all the tills were closed and unless I had the right amount of cash he wouldn’t be able to help me. Panic-stricken I looked at him in disbelief.“What did you say?” I stammered and heard Chris repeat himself again. I felt a cold hand grip my heart. “But, but my credit card….” I mumbled incoherently holding my treasured prize in my hands.“I’m sorry darlin but the computers are shutting down for night……” Chris continued his voice irritatingly warm and friendly, “…which means the card readers won’t work which meeeeeeaaaaaans……”This last word was pronounced with an apologetic shrug of the shoulders. Although he sounded genuine, it wasn't much help, and I could see he didn’t have any other option. I nodded understandably. Knowing full well I didn’t have enough cash in my purse I pondered on how I was going to work my way out of this little mess. If only I’d gotten here sooner. I cursed silently, furious with myself. Panic began to raise its ugly head, and I began to babble.“Look, I know I’m on the late side but I couldn’t leave work any earlier and tomorrow is my son’s birthday, and I’ve promised him this thing and he’s so looking forward to getting it...” I felt my eyes beginning to brim and knew the waterworks would soon start. “…and he’s such an adorable boy and I can’t disappoint him…” my lips started trembling, “…because he’s the most important person in the whole world to me…” my breath was running out now “…but I haven’t got enough cash in my purse…” and the waterworks began.I cried tears of anger, tears of frustration, and I cried because I was feeling more than a little bit sorry for myself.A year ago things were totally different. I had total control over my life, I was happily married, had a good career and we were comfortably well off, or least that’s what I thought. Then my husband, calmly announced that he was leaving me because he had found someone else. That someone else was Sabrina, my closest girlfriend. Within a week, my whole world came tumbling down and I fell apart. Now six months on, I was still picking up the pieces but it wasn’t easy.“You must think...” I continued, sobbing loudly, “...that I’m a terrible mother... leaving everything,” another sob, “….down to the last moment but I’m not you know….” Tears were streaming down my cheeks and as they landed on my blouse, the white fabric, already damp from the rain, became even more translucent, displaying my well-filled bra to Chris, increasing my discomfort. “It’s just that I’m so busy…” Another pathetic sob “…. juggling my work, organizing babysitters and then there’s my mother! Oh my God, don’t let me start on about my mother…”A hand suddenly appeared before my face silencing me.“Listen darlin’ I’m not judging you,” Chris’s voice was friendly and I could see through my tears that he was embarrassed at my outburst, “all I’m saying… is that I can’t sell you that game tonight unless you’ve got the right amount of readies. It’s nothing personal like, that’s the rules.” He shrugged his shoulders again. “I don’t make them...” he laughed bashfully “…well actually I do” he laughed self effacingly, “but that’s beside the point.”His humor helped me pull myself together.“Seriously though I can’t change the fact that without the computers on, your credit card isn’t worth the plastic it’s made of darlin!”He was right of course and it wasn’t his fault that I was so late.“Why don’t you come back tomorrow when we’re open...” he offered helpfully “and our computers are switched on,” he said a touch mischievously.My sobbing subsided and I had to laugh at his gentle teasing.“That’s better, darlin. Wipe away them tears, I hate it when a lady cries in front of me! I gets all embarrassed like,” he added mockingly, exaggerating his accent for effect, his brilliant white smile flashing radiantly.Wiping my tears away with the back of my hand I regarded Chris thoughtfully. He looked like the last man on earth who would be embarrassed by women, crying or otherwise, but kept the thought to myself.“Coming back tomorrow is out of the question,” I replied dejectedly, “I have to have this toy tonight,” thinking about how I was going to extract myself out of this awkward position. While contemplating my options, I kept my eyes on Chris.He wasn’t as old as I had first thought. In fact, I guessed he wasn’t that much past forty, despite the few grey hairs that mingled with the otherwise full head of rich brown hair. His eyes were clear blue and I could see the remains of scar tissue under his right eye. His high cheekbones showed good structure and when he smiled, he had a smile that could charm the devil himself. A five o’clock shadow just made him even more irresistible, if you like that sort of thing, and I certainly did. I continued my secret appraisal of him. No beer gut, but no six pack either. He was dressed casually but I could tell that his clothes had price tags out of my reach, including the good quality, expensive shoes that completed his outfit.I guessed he was the manager here, which explained his air of superiority.“I’m sorry Chris, It is Chris right?” I received a nod and a sardonic smile for my efforts. “It’s a real nuisance I know, but I don’t have the right amount of money on me!” I tapped my fingers on my lips pretending to think deeply. “Isn’t there anything we can do to sort out this silly problem?”He just shrugged his shoulders and smiled at me as if to say ‘What do you suggest?’ I knew I wasn’t going to get too much cooperation from him and my resolve began to dissipate.“Isn’t there anything we can do?” I asked again, my voice sounding more desperately now. Chris smiled at me and then asked: “How much are you short?”Looking in my purse I quickly counted my cash. “About twenty pounds,” I answered humbly. Suddenly I had a brainwave and began rambling. “Look,” I stammered hopefully as my train of thought began to take shape. “There’s a bank downstairs with a cash machine and if you would wait for me here, I could race down….”I was talking so fast now, my brain was having difficulty keeping track, but I desperate to convince Chris of my idea and not wanting him to interrupt my flow, I didn't stop. Glancing at him, he just looked very bored but I carried on just the same.“Grab the cash and I can be back here in no time! I promise you it won’t take me more than a couple of minutes,” I assured him. His smile was predatory for a split second and then changed, making me feel altogether uneasy.“What would you be prepared to do that’s worth twenty pounds,” he asked with a suggestive undertone.Not really wanting to believe what I heard, I asked him to repeat what he said. He looked at me intensely and then repeated his question only this time, not wanting to be misunderstood he unzipped his flies, allowing his erection, restrained only by his boxers to point directly at me.My voice sounded hollow and tinny “But, but …..” and I was lost for words especially when his hand began masturbating the huge piece of meat still hidden from view.I could see the bulge growing even larger and I just stared at him in disbelief.“What…what are you doing?” I stammered apprehensible."Ok darlin’ why don’t we get right down to the nitty gritty!"The hand holding his erection began pulling faster at the hard flesh. "Why don’t you come here and get down on your knees!”My jaw fell open in amazement at this audacity.“Oh good,” Chris carried on laughingly, “You know exactly what I want.”My heart still missed a couple of beats as Chris’s intentions slowly sank through my thick skull.“I sorry what did you say” I stammered, stalling for time.This time he sounded more serious. “I said to get here on your knees, and suck my cock!”Tears of frustration welled up inside of me. All I wanted to do was slap him in the face and walk away but that wasn’t an option for me. I was in a hopeless situation! I knew it and he knew it. I couldn’t return home empty-handed because facing my son tomorrow, without a birthday present, was out of the question.While I was weighing up my options Chris had pushed his jeans down past his hips and his erection was clearly outlined inside his boxers. I watched him squeezing his manhood through the fabric and saw material stretching over the huge fleshy shaft. Although I didn’t want to admit it, denying this display of raw sexual lust was causing my body to react in a manner that I couldn’t control, was pointless.A slow burning heat was developing in my loins and I realized I was getting excited by Chris’s blatant sexual actions.“Come on girlie, let’s get to it, we haven’t got all night now have we?” he chortled victoriously.I felt the dampness between my legs and realized with a shock, I was hugely turned on by this macho bullshit. All day I worked with small-minded men ordering us about, wielding so-called power like they were gods, but here and now, Chris was exercising real, true power. He knew I was in a fix, only he could help me and he was taking advantage of that fact.The only thing now standing between me and my son’s birthday present was principles. How much did I want that gift, how much did I not want to disappoint my son and how far I was prepared to go, not to?“Look don’t call me girlie, ok? Call me Andrea please,” I uttered softly, determined not to let him have everything go his way.He smiled wolfishly. “I’ll call you anything I want, Slut,” Chris laughed meanly, “Now get on your knees,” he added nodding his head to emphasise his intention.“Let me get this straight….” I paused, making one last desperate attempt to appeal to his good nature. “You’ll only help me if I suck your dick?” I emphasized the last word with a submissive tone, trying to sound confident.He nodded victoriously. He had pushed down his boxers and his glorious manhood was in plain view, pointing at me. He was masturbating the thick shaft provocatively now, but moved his other hand to his mouth and began moving it back and forth while at the same time pushing his tongue against the inside of his cheek, in time with his hand, his intention obviously.I tried once more to reason with him.“Haven’t you got any shred of humanity?” I asked my voice quivering slightly.He nodded, “I’ve got loads of humanity, Girlie, and pretty soon you’ll be wearing it all over your face!” He laughed out loud at his own joke and my shocked expression. He must have liked the idea of humiliating me because he continued, “You’re not only going to suck my dick, Darlin' but when I'm good and ready, you’re also going to bend over this here counter and you’re going to feel me fuck you.”His face beamed triumphantly. I looked at him, my face a mask of despair and this obviously egged him on."Oh yes, I’m gonna get you all wet, until your begging me for it and then… No, wait” He acted as if a new idea had just occurred to him. “In fact, I’m gonna fuck that tight little arse of yours and do want to know why?” I shook my head despondently. “Because I can, Slut... because you’re in no position to deny me!”It’s been a long time since anyone had talked to me like that and as I eyed him with loathing, I was trying really hard to disguise how my body was reacting to his sexual advances, but I couldn’t help the feeling of delightful anticipation, even if he was blackmailing me.Since my husband left me, there has been no man in my life; no one night stands, no rebound relationship, Zilch. Nothing. Nada. Not even a quick feel up by one of office clerks at work. Occasionally at home when I feel really pent up I take my trusty vibrator out of my drawer and bring myself to a climax, but it's been a long time since I've seen an honest to god, flesh and blood erection, and my body was letting me know how much I wanted it.My nipples grew even harder and the dampness between my legs increased. Ripples of desire raced down my spine causing me to shiver momentary and seeing my reaction, Chris laughed triumphantly.“Oh Andrea, you little slut, you” he teased. “You want this….” and squeezed his erection tighter, “even more than I do.” I looked at him ashamedly, despaired at my own body’s betrayal. “Look at yourself, you’re practically begging for it”.I looked down at my breasts and could see my nipples advertising my arousal. Between my legs, I could feel the top of my thighs getting sticky from all my juices that were seeping through my soaking wet panties, and my clit was throbbing wildly with desire. He was right, my body was crying out for sexual release. For a moment I contemplated this bizarre situation. What if the circumstances had been different? What if he had asked me out and we had dated a couple of times? Maybe things would’ve been different. To be honest, he was drop dead gorgeous, so that wasn’t the problem. After getting to know him better and finding out that we were good together, then going to bed with him would logically, have been the next step. And who knows where things could have gone... but this was something completely different.My body ached and throbbed in time with Chris’s moving hand and I found myself moving towards him without any conscious thought. I could feel myself getting wetter by the second as he looked at me with unadulterated lust.“Well, Andreeeaaaa?” He began pulling back the foreskin, exposing the glistening helmet. “Show me how much you want me to help you” he added victoriously. As if in a daze I sank to my knees and opened my mouth. “That’s it my lovely,” Chris cooed. “Open wide”I felt a hand grab my head while the other force fed me his erection. His big purple helmet, ignoring niceties, pushed past my lips and plunged forward. I managed to twirl my tongue around it before it pushed on towards my throat and I tasted the pre-cum he was leaking. He was so big that I had difficulty swallowing him and I tried slowing him down by placing my hands on his thighs.Chris didn’t seem to care. He kept pushing forward.“That’s it my girl, take it all in, you know you want it.”I closed my eyes and relaxed my jaw and was instantly rewarded by my nose being buried in a thick bush of pubic hair.“Aaaahhh,” Chris groaned throatily. Croaking hoarsely he barely managed to make himself heard. “Oh yes my lovely, suck that fucking cock, make daddy come!”This was my first prick in ages and long forgotten pleasures tantalized my body. The feeling of having your mouth stretched by a huge piece of meat plunging down your throat is incredible. The hand holding my head, held me firmly in place as he ground his loins into my face, and all I could do was enjoy the delicious humiliation.Before I choked, Chris withdrew his flesh, slapping the heavy shaft against my mouth before reinserting it between my welcoming lips.“Now listen to me whore! Suck my cock, suck it good and make me cum all over you!” he ordered.This time there was more urgency in his voice and like a true professional I applied my trade.I grabbed hold of it and started sucking and licking the warm, gnarled prick as if my life depended on it. Suddenly Chris snatched his erection from me and began slapping my face with it. I grinned greedily at him. Chris winked and smiled victoriously at me.“Ok whore, we’re gonna do this exactly like I want it, aren’t we?” I nodded my obedience. “Now grab hold of it and let me see how good you suck cock”His dirty talk was really turning me on. I wasn’t used to hearing this sort of language but it was keeping my juices flowing. My panties were like a sodden rag, and my own musky aroma reached my nostrils. Chris’s erection pushed against my lips again and I willingly opened my mouth. I smelt his excitement and inhaled deeply. Wanting the moment to last, I slowly pulled back his foreskin and I tasted the delicious pre-cum that leaked from his little slit.“Mmmm” I murmured delightfully as I licked up the delicious fluid.The salty flavour reminded me of what was to come and I was surprised by how much I wanted to see this man climax. I started kissing and licking the rock hard shaft while twisting the skin covering the warm flesh in my hand. Guiding it between my lips, Chris began moving his hips back and
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forth. My lips and fingers closed around the hard flesh as it moved and I warmed to my task. Two masculine hands were holding my head, controlling me but at the same time allowing me to continue my oral feast.A deliciously dirty thought entered my mind. Undoing my buttons from my blouse I pulled my breasts free from my bra and squeezed them together. Somewhat apprehensively releasing his penis from my mouth, I placed it between my fleshy mounds and squeezed my bosom tightly around the thick warm shaft.My girlies weren’t really big enough to completely cover his manhood but as I looked up at Chris, like a slave trying to please her master would, I was rewarded with an appreciative nod. He began pumping. Slick from my saliva his manhood slid easily between my breasts and I began to join in his dirty talk.“Come on Chris, shoot your load over me, let me see your cum”For an answer Chris just grunted and moved his hips faster.“Andrea you little bitch, I’m going to cover you with spunk, Slut.”Watching his huge erection slide between my tightly held bosom was a huge turn on and without thinking I lowered my chin and opened my mouth. With each upward thrust, Chris’s helmet appeared above my breasts and momentarily disappeared between my soft lips. This went on until Chris removed his erection from my chest and placed it on my face. I took the hint and smiling wickedly, opened wide.Feverishly I licked his shaft from the bulbous helmet, twirling my tongue around the rock hard flesh working my way noisily, towards his testicles. One by one I swallowed his balls and then worked my way back up his manhood, before engulfing his shaft with my warm mouth. A low groan escaped Chris’s lips and I suppressed a laugh. I should have felt disgusted at being used like this, but I was so turned on I couldn’t help myself.Chris kept up his obscene tirade. He kept saying things like, "Suck that cock bitch, lick my prick, slut, and make me cum whore!”Treating me like a cheap skank was probably the reason this was so raunchy and exciting, and I didn’t want this feeling to end. My clit was throbbing incessantly but my tight pencil skirt prevented me from being able to do anything about it. Needing to relieve the itch, I raised my hands up to my breasts and began squeezing and pulling my erect nipples. Looking upwards I saw Chris watching me, so I decided to join in his game of talking dirty.“Do you like watching me suck your cock, Chris?” I asked hungrily, releasing his prick from my lips.He nodded. I pulled his foreskin back and placed my teeth on the edge of his helmet, feeling him shuddering as my tongue sought out his little piss hole.“I always knew you’d be a good cock sucker,” he growled softly.I frowned in puzzlement.“Oh I’ve seen you here often enough darlin,” he explained. “You’re one of the better looking mums that come here,” He chuckled to himself, “and I’ve always thought you were a bit tasty, with that tight arse and those come to bed eyes of yours. Mind you, I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I’d get the chance to fuck you! I didn’t realize that you’re just the same as all the other sluts who come in.”I flushed with anger at his statement but wasn’t in any place to argue, especially with his huge erection buried deep in my throat.“Still, just goes to show how wrong, one can be, don’t it,” he continued amusingly. “Usually it’s the only ugly ones who come in here with their short skirts, tight tops, and no knickers, all hoping I’ll give them a discount, but you’re the first one who's actually gone the whole way.”His revelation came as a complete shock to me. I hadn’t the foggiest idea he was ogling me when I came shopping here. He was always polite and courteous and very helpful, often to the point of slightly embarrassing me, but now, I realized it was all an act. All the while he was secretly picturing me doing... well what I was doing now. “I’m gonna enjoy fucking your tight arse, Girlie, and I reckon it’s gonna be worth every penny, but first I’m gonna cum all over that pretty little face of yours,” he exclaimed excitedly. His hips were moving faster now.I should have felt ashamed and humiliated at Chris’s comments but I was so into this bizarre, raunchy situation I didn’t want to dwell on my actions. His thrusting was getting faster and more urgent now. I guessed his climax was quickly approaching.Deliberately pulling my head forward, he was making me swallow his entire length, but as his speed increased his thrusting became shallower. My hand held the base of Chris’s erection loosely whilst my lips clamped around the hard shaft, pile driving my face. Cupping his testicles I gave them a little squeeze and could feel the hot sperm boiling inside.“Oh yes,…yes you bitch. I’m gonna cum all over you.” He was moaning louder now and his thrusting was more determined. I had to hold on to his muscular thighs to steady myself. I felt his seed pulsing up his manhood and heard him moan loudly. He held my head steady as his erection expanded inside my mouth. Then he climaxed. Roaring loudly, Chris flooded my mouth with hot thick creamy sperm, almost choking me. At first, I tried swallowing but there was too much.Warm sperm spilled down my chin as Chris’s glistening erection escaped from my hungry mouth, as he continued masturbating violently, towering over me. Time seemed to slow down as I watched his sperm fly through the air towards my face and I pondered over the surreal situation that I had gotten myself into.If someone had told me an hour ago that a complete stranger would be spraying my face with cum, I would have said they were crazy and perverted. My only thoughts an hour ago were of getting out of the office earlier than usual and reaching the shops in time to buy my son’s birthday present. But here I was, on my knees, watching a toy store manager’s ejaculation fly towards me. Suddenly I felt warm thick sperm land on my face.“Oh yes,” Chris cried as the second salvo landed in my hair.I opened my mouth to catch the rest but in the midst of his orgasm Chris’s eyes were closed and his masturbating caused his seed to fly everywhere. As the last few drops hung from his pulsating member, I could feel warm sticky liquid not only on my face but also on my neck, my breasts and when I opened my eyes, some had even landed on my skirt. I grabbed hold of his member and opened my mouth. I began tugging at it feverishly, determined to milk every last little drop of his precious white fluid.Chris had his eyes open and was watching me lick him clean. Every so often his body shuddered with aftershocks but luckily for me, his erection showed no signs of subsiding.My panties were soaking wet and my own sex was throbbing wildly. The slick oily juices had leaked all over the top of my thighs and I could feel it dribbling down my thighs towards my stocking tops. My nipples were as hard as they could be and thick white sperm was congealing in my cleavage. My clit was hard and swollen and I knew it would protruding proudly from beneath its hood. God, I really needed some relief.Still eagerly sucking Chris’s penis I managed to insert a hand under the waistband of my skirt. It was tight but by breathing in I could just about reach my soaking wet slit. I began fingering myself and tried inserting them into my wanton pink hole, but the tight garment prevented anything more than my fingertip entering my open pussy lips. My palm was on my clit and by exerting pressure I began rubbing my swollen button. I was on fire and there was nothing I could do about it. I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied until I had felt this gorgeous manhood, still filling my mouth, push up deep inside me.Chris moved backward and looked down at me and smiled indulgently. I must have looked like a cheap whore to him, half-naked, with cum all over my body and me trying to finger myself, but I didn’t care. I saw him studying the sperm decorating my features. “That looks good on you!” he exclaimed mockingly.“What?” I asked confused.“My spunk all over your face,” Chris replied masterfully.I smiled inwardly at his insult but secretly felt elated. He pulled me dominantly towards him and planted a kiss on my lips. While we were joined at the mouth his other hand reached upwards and began pulling and kneading my breasts roughly. I wanted him to take me right now, I didn’t care how he did it as long as he did it. I wanted him to bend me over the counter and stick his steely flesh into my hot slippery furnace.“Chris” I whispered breathlessly “Fuck me. I want you to stick your prick inside me. Treat me like a cheap dirty whore.”I was so randy I couldn’t help myself from talking dirty.“Turn around, Missy” Chris grunted and pushed me towards the counter again.I leaned over the counter and grabbed hold of the other side, readying myself for action. Seconds later my skirt landed around my ankles. Next, I felt my soaking wet panties being pulled slowly over my bum. Chris knelt down behind me, my sex completely exposed to him, and felt him pull my buttocks apart. Then his tongue lapped against my slippery opening. I started whimpering as he lapped up my love juice and from the greedy guzzling sounds coming from between my legs, Chris was letting himself drown in my honey. God, he was good.His tongue flickered deep inside me causing new tremors of pleasure to ripple through my frame. He kept this up and my legs began to tremble. Occasionally his mouth moved upwards and he swirled his tongue inside my back door, something no one had ever done to me before. I knew instinctively that Chris’s tongue was just the beginning and I was going to receive special treatment this evening. His fingers moved up my thighs and brushed against my swollen pussy lips and I felt myself opening up to him.Two fingers pushed past my soaking entrance and entered my slick tunnel. Tensing my muscles, I tried gripping the thick digits but I was constantly distracted by his tongue flicking in and out of my bum. Seconds later his thumb pressed where only moments before his tongue was so deliciously busy, and then disappeared inside me.“Ooooohh Goooddddd!” I screamed through clenched teeth.“Oh, so the whore likes it up the arse does she?” Chris chuckled and pushed his thumb in deeper.“Mmmm yes please,” was all I could murmur, as my body responded all too eagerly to his actions.Finally, he stood up behind me and holding my head against the counter, he pushed my panties halfway down my thighs, allowing easier access to unprotected rear end.I felt him rub spittle against my anal star and then, first one and then two fingers plunged past my tight ring. Two other fingers disappeared into my sopping pussy and Chris began fingering me. I closed my eyes and abandoned myself to the waves of lust and unadulterated pleasure that this double penetration was causing, and all I could do was whimper and moan in ecstasy.Nothing in the world mattered except for the feelings brought on by Chris ramming his fingers into me. Thousands of small electric shocks seemed to be flowing through my whole frame. I could feel my body beginning to tremble and knew my orgasm was only moments away. My tummy muscles began to cramp and my legs almost gave way but then Chris ruined everything by withdrawing his fingers from my orifices, leaving me high and dry and panting like a fish out of water.“Noooooo!” I screamed out loud. “Don’t stop, I was just cumming you bastard.”Chris bent forward and informed me, his mouth just inches away from my ear, “I’m not here for your pleasure darlin, you’re here to please me, and if I don’t want you to cum right now then it's not gonna happen. It’s as simple as that!”I was moaning and writhing as spasms of my almost orgasm wracked my frame as Chris tried kicking my legs even further apart. This was hindered by my panties. They were now stretched to the absolute maximum around my knees and this annoyed him. I heard a ripping sound and felt my torn panties join my skirt around my ankles. Except for my stockings, I was completely naked from the waist down.Having heard my yell of despair, Chris started teasing me. I had abandoned my body to him and virtually begged him to treat me like a whore all but a few minutes ago. He knew what I wanted, what I needed and was making me wait for it. Finally, he moved behind me and pressed himself against me. His erection nestled between my buttocks and a shiver of pleasure ran down my spine. I was in heaven but was impatient for something harder and longer than his fingers to extinguish the fire inside of me."Oh please Chris, fuck me now" I pleaded. He moved and feeling the steely hardness pressing against my soaking wet folds, I pushed my bum towards him. “Come on you bastard,” I hissed wantonly. “Stick your big fat cock inside me. You know that’s what I want!”Chris grabbed my hips and held me steady. I waited patiently for his hot flesh to plunge between my soft wet lips and push up into my slick tunnel, but all he did was slide his hips back and forth along my slippery slit. The bastard was teasing me again and it felt delicious. Then his erection moved between my buttocks and he pulled me against him. He dry-humped my bum before returning to my dripping pussy.“Ooooh Yesss” I hissed hungrily as at last I felt his helmet push into my steaming sex. His erection started filling my tunnel but before he was completely inside me he pulled it away, leaving me feeling empty and frustrated. He repeated his actions and I assumed he was teasing me again, but I had misunderstood what his intentions were. Without warning he placed his lubricated member against my anal star and drove forward.“Oh fuck” I groaned out loudly as his delicious hot flesh pierced my sphincter. Chris wasn’t gentle, tender or sweet, he was a man possessed. He pulled my hips backwards forcing me to grab hold of the counter to stop us falling backwards and before I could catch my breath I felt his pubic hair brushing my buttocks.If I hadn’t been so turned on then this onslaught might have been painful but Chris had repeatedly told me what to expect and luckily I’m not an anal virgin. I tensed my muscles and felt every pulsing vein on his erection. He held me tightly and kept grinding his loins against my bum. He was as deep inside me as he could be and I was amazed at how easily it had happened. A hand reached between my legs, seeking out my clit. When he started rubbing my hard little button, my legs almost collapsed beneath me. Luckily being wonderfully impaled on this huge cock saved me from falling in a heap and after gaining my strength, I took control of my body. Straightening my legs and holding the counter tightly, I pushed my bum backward. My forehead was resting on the counter and my eyes were closed in ecstasy as Chris’s erection pulsed deep inside me. He began moving his hips and I felt his member slowly withdraw, before plunging back inside. “Oh yesss. More” I pleaded and hearing me beg so wantonly, Chris began to pump vigorously. Grunts and groans filled the shop as our tempo increased and soon Chris’s groin was banging hard against my buttocks. I started matching his movements, our bodies slapping together. “Come you big-pricked bastard, fuck my arse.” I shouted, “make me cum all over your cock.” I don’t know what came over me, I was beside myself with lust and was determined to orgasm.“I’ll fuck your arse, Bitch. You wanna cum, I’ll make you cum.”Chris was slamming his rock hard prick ruthlessly into my backside now, with no consideration for niceties. In this horny, raunchy game of ours, I was getting exactly what I wanted and needed. Nothing else would do. I needed to be taught a lesson and he was going to do it. I could feel sweat trickling down my back, my slick juices running down my legs, and this increased the carnal intensity. From deep within I felt a tidal wave of emotions and feelings building. Muscles were beginning to cramp up and my nerves were stretched tighter than piano strings. My orgasm was approaching fast and I began to both tremble and moan loudly.“Ooooohh pleeeaaasee don’t stop Chris” I begged “I’m gonna cum. I’m almost there.”Chris was plowing my backside like a man possessed and then removing his hand from my back, he placed it into my soaking wet pussy. Two fingers pushed past my silky wet folds and plunged upwards inside my slick tunnel. Combined with the clitoral stimulation and the huge member pummelling my backside, this was the final straw.My tunnel flooded and warm cum streamed from my slit, flowing down my thighs. My whole body cramped up as muscles tensed and contracted and every nerve ending felt as if an electric wire was being drawn across them. My skin turned all goose-pimply and my nipples were simultaneously rock hard and sensitive, and feeling them being squashed against the counter was an exquisite torture.I was experiencing the most amazing orgasm for ages and all through it, Chris kept up his onslaught. However, the way my back passage was tightly gripping his fleshy staff, was proving too much for him and in the midst of my orgasm, I felt his prick expand, signaling his oncoming climax. Then warm thick liquid splattered inside me, flooding my velvety tunnel and I ground my bottom against his pelvis, desperate to feel every inch of him deep inside me.Chris stopped moving and after several violent jerks, he groaned and breathlessly rested on top of me. I felt his manhood pulse, releasing more seed inside me. Finally, we lay there spent and satisfied and I for one didn’t want this moment to end. Silently, Chris, his cock still throbbing away inside me, kissed me softly and brought me back to reality.I looked at my watch. Ten to seven."Oh shit I’m late!" I exclaimed, experiencing a rapidly diminishing feeling of tranquillity.I turned my head and began apologising."I’m sorry Chris, but I have to go," I announced disappointedly, but he was still leaning on me, his cock still deep inside me.He started grinding his lap against my bum and even though my body approved of his movements, I knew I had to interrupt his amorous intentions. I pushed backward to disengage myself and realized I was giving him the wrong signals. I restrained him as I moved forward and felt his member slip from my bowels unceremoniously. I groaned softly as the feeling of emptiness engulfed me and our combined juices began leaking slowly from my body. Even though I was trying to staunch the flow, I could still feel cum running down my thighs and soaking into my stocking tops.Chris moved from behind me and incredibly his erection hadn’t subsided. It was still poking forward, glistening proudly from his orgasm, but I didn’t have time for this. Deep down, I wanted nothing more than to carry on, but I had to leave and I had to leave now otherwise I would never get out of here.Searching for and finding my discarded panties, I realized I could never wear them again. They were ruined, torn beyond repair by Chris in the midst of our sexual fury but far from being angry, I was thrilled. Smiling to myself I picked them up and put them in my handbag.Noticing my smile, he asked what was so funny. How could I tell him that for the rest of the evening, his sperm would be trickling down my legs and would probably soak into my skirt. I was thinking about the damp spot that would develop on one of my mums uncomfortable dining room chairs and after discovering it, she would wonder what the moisture was and where it came from.A wicked grin appeared on my face and Chris, who was leaning with his back against the counter, while pulling up his trousers,  again asked what I was thinking about! I was picturing my mum's face as she touched the spot, which she would undoubtedly do, and almost burst out laughing.“Oh, nothing much Chris’ I replied airily.She would probably smell her fingers and wonder what that scent was. ‘Well, Mum that’s the smell of your daughter after she’s been well and truly fucked’ I thought bitterly, knowing I would get a Spanish inquisition for being so late. If only she knew.Another glance at my watch reminded me how late I was. I rearranged my breasts and started buttoning up my blouse. Oh well, I can’t change anything now I mused, my mood suddenly despondent. Chris misinterpreting my scowl asked if anything was wrong.“Oh, no lover boy” I replied reassuringly. “You were wonderful, but I was supposed to pick up my son at least half an hour ago and my mother will be furious with me because I’m late without letting her know.” He eyed me amusedly. From his point of view, it must have been funny seeing me standing there, naked from the waist down, worrying about my mother when only moments ago, his cock was pumping hot spunk deep in my ass. Looking at him laughing at me, I saw I wasn't just amusing him. A tell-tale bulge began to grow.That brought me back to my senses. Quickly I finished buttoning my blouse and started pulling my skirt into its proper position and still the bulge grew larger. Part of me wanted to stay longer, the growing erection awakening all sorts of raunchy thoughts to flash through my mind. There was an awkward silence until Chris’s spoke again.“Look Darlin…..” he paused, “Just take the game, go and pick up your son and enjoy his birthday.” I looked at him incredulously.“Are you sure?” I stammered uncertainly.I wanted to be sure I had understood him correctly. He smiled a self-appreciating smile and nodded again. I couldn’t just walk away with showing some sign of gratitude so I stepped towards him and placed my arms around his neck to kiss him warmly on the mouth. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me towards him and as our lips touched and our tongues entwined I could feel another part of his body pushing my groin. I grinned as we kissed and pressed my hips forward and feeling a familiar hardness there.I moved my hand between us and writhed it over his growing erection. I knew I was losing control of myself again and broke off our kiss. “I’m sorry, Chris, but you really know how to push my buttons, don’t you?”He laughed heartily but guessed what was coming.“But I have to go and go now before we get started all over again. God knows I want to,” I continued my breathing becoming labored.Chris’s erection, restrained inside his trousers had grown to its full length under my soft caressing and I really didn’t want to stop, but it was now or never. I gave him my best sultry glance and I felt his cock twitch under my hand for the last time.“Maybe another time Chris!” I said pouting my lips and blowing him a kiss. I turned and walked away from him feeling like a disappointed little girl.“Andrea”I kept on going because I knew I didn’t have the power to resist him again if he decided to make another move.“Andrea,” he repeated, louder this time “Your son won’t enjoy his birthday very much if you don’t bring him his present will he?” He held the box high enough for me to see. Shaking my head embarrassedly I walked back to him and kissed him fleetingly before taking possession of my prize.“Next week, same time, same place and we’ll sort out the warranty, okay?” Chris asked winking at me, his hand massaging his erection. I beamed at him. “Thank you, Chris, why not” I smiled at him.“Oh don’t thank me, Darlin. It should be me who’s thanking you!"His statement puzzled me. Then he pointed his finger at the ceiling and I followed his gaze. The security cameras small red light was blinking. With a shock, I realized I’d just starred in my own homemade porn video.“It might be your son’s birthday tomorrow, but it’s my birthday today and you’ve given me the best present ever! I’ll enjoy watching the video of this, later on, tonight again, and again and again.” His eyes were twinkling with amusement. 

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