Son Gives Her Tongues In Her Mother's Pussy And After Fucks Her Xxx

Son Gives Her Tongues In Her Mother's Pussy And After Fucks Her Xxx

Since I was introduced to yoga, every morning I would pack my yoga mat, a pair of tights and a crop top into my bag and try to get to a class after work.On this day, on my way home from work I went to an Ashtanga Yoga class at A-Yoga, a new Ashtanga Yoga studio along the shopping strip near where I lived. It was a good yoga class, ninety minutes of practicing the Asthanga series of standing and sitting poses. It was only a twenty-minute walk from the studio to my home, so I would wait until I got home to shower and change out of my yoga gear.The yoga teacher, Kara, was a petite blonde who had the most amazing figure. She was short but had a toned athletic build with long straight blonde hair and a tiny bubble butt which gripped and sucked in the tight navy blue spandex tights she wore, showing a defined deep crease separating those perfectly formed round butt cheeks. On the downside she looked like a ballerina but also had a flat chest. This didn’t stop the guys and even some jealous girls in the class from staring and ogling at her goddess body. It was hard not to notice her body as she wore such tight yoga gear that looked like a second layer of skin – accentuating her beautiful shapely body. Personality wise, she was the sweetest girl who was a pro and really knew the technical side of yoga. She was not a flirt or sexual in any manner at all. One would never say she was slutty even though her clothes were just that bit too revealing.I had just finished the Monday night class. I had my work clothes packed in my bag and I was wearing my usual black spandex tights and a white crop top with a white sports bra underneath. I needed this to keep my 34B bordering 34C size breasts firm in place. I never wore panties under my tights though. I used to find it uncomfortable and they really never served much purpose when you were sweating through all the layers anyway. I never thought this was strange, as these shiny spandex tights were advertised as “wicking fabric best worn naked to the skin”.I was about two hundred yards from the yoga studio when a rain cloud burst open. It was pouring "cats and dogs" as they say. Within a minute, I was wet to the bone, my hair soaking wet, tights and top clinging tightly to my wet body with water streaming through them. The rain was beating so hard I could not even see the pavement in front of me. I realised that continuing through this was not such a good idea so I turned around to go back to the yoga studio to get some cover. I then saw the headlight of a car coming down the road towards me. It stopped right in front of me. I lifted my head, wiped my wet hair and forehead and looked ahead into the beam. Through the thundering rain I made out a familiar voice. It was the yoga teacher calling out her open window."Hop in, I will give you a ride home," she shouted, trying to be heard through the noise of the heavy downpour.The passenger door then opened. I jumped at the opportunity and started to climb into the car."I am so sorry I will wet your car seat. I am drenched," I said, apologising to her."Don't worry, I will drive you home. Where do you live?" she asked me."I am on Hunter Street, a few blocks down the road and then to the right. Thank you again. I so appreciate this kindness," I said to her.We pulled in to my apartment block driveway and I fished around my handbag for my keys"Shit! I think I have left my keys at work and my flatmate is away on an overnight business trip until tomorrow.""So sorry, Kara! Would you mind driving me to my friend, Susan, she is only a five-minute drive away," I asked her."Your name is Rachel, right?" she asked me"Yes, it is," I answered her."Well, Rachel, please come stay at my place for the night, I am on the next corner, and it would be my pleasure. I am nervous of driving in such hard rain with the streets almost flooding,” Kara kindly offered."I can't impose on you. It’s nice enough you have given me a ride," I replied to her."No, just come to me, I can even show you a few tricks to improve your yoga," she insisted."Ok, thank you very much!"We then pulled into the garage of her apartment block. We took the lift up to level five and then I followed her into her apartment. I carried my shoes and socks and was dripping all over the floor.As we entered, Kara looked at me."You sure are wet!" she said while she looked me up and down showing an expression of compassion for my sorry stateMy long brown hair was wet, my tights were clinging to my body, my wet feet were making "squishing" sound, my sports bra and crop top were now see through and the bra's support was uncomfortably pulling on my skin. Kara opened the door and we walked into her small apartment."Take your wet clothes off and I will put them into the dryer," Kara said to me."If you want a shower, it's at the end of the passage," she said pointing the way."I am going to have a shower too, so I will catch up with you in five minutes," she said as she disappeared into a bedroom.I pulled off my soaked tights, top and bra and my drenched trainer shoes and I hopped into the shower. When I was finished I put the light blue bath towel around me, tied a knot to hold it up and I took my wet clothes in my one hand and went back to the lounge.Kara was already standing in the lounge wearing a white towel and she grabbed my clothes and took them to the dryer and then came back to the lounge."How are you finding the yoga?" she asked me."Well, I struggle with a few of the poses but I think I have improved," I answered."I can't seem to get the downward dog pose right. I know you are supposed to put your pelvis up like a triangle but I can't get that one right," I added.Kara dropped her towel and wearing only a pair of those thin seamless black thong undies, she started to demonstrate the pose to me."You need to put your soles flat on the ground and push all your fingers down on the ground as you outstretch your arms and keep lifting up your hips," she said."So that you look like a triangle," she continued as her butt pushed out marking the top point of the triangle.Should I be looking at an almost naked woman? I was wondering to myself.I couldn't help but look at her perfect shape as she demonstrated downward and upward dog for me. Yoga was about the soul and not meant to be sexual, so I tried hard to steer my eyes away from her sheer thong panties that didn't do much to cover her nether areas. I knew I shouldn’t be on this wavelength.What was wrong with me! My mind again went astray looking at her butt and the camel toe peeking through between her butt cheeks as she pushed her thighs out backwards splaying open her butt cheeks as you are supposed to for the pose. The panties were slightly sheer and I could see her slit separating her hairless lips, peeking between her naked butt cheeks. She must either laser or wax I thought to myself.I just then realised I was having internal dialogue about the body of another woman who was trying to show me yoga, an artistic form, and I was perving on her like a male teenager overflowing with hormones. I suppose I was not used to seeing this and this was my reaction.“Back to the mindfulness, Rachel!” I told myself."I noticed everyone struggling with this pose tonight," Kara said as she got out of the downward dog pose and stood up."Now, Rachel, you show me your downward dog and I will show you how to improve it""No, you don't need to, it's ok, you have had your share of work for the day," I shyly replied."No, come on its nothing, it’s not like we have anything else to do now."Not sure what to do with a bath towel wrapped around me, I tightened the knot and I moved onto the mat in the lounge and tried getting into the position. I put my hands on the mat and started to get into the pose. It was quite cumbersome with the towel. As I bent forward and widened the gap between my feet to be aligned with my hips the towel fell down to the floor.As I was about to reach out and put it back over me, Kara said, "You don't want to slip with this in the way."She then pulled the towel away from under me.I didn't have undies on and I felt self–conscious, being nude and so exposed."Kara, do you have any shorts or anything I can borrow?""You don't need anything, I do yoga in the nude all the time, it's the best way to do it," Kara replied.“I am a bit shy, and embarrassed,” I continued.Kara got up went to her room and came back handing me a flesh coloured seamless pair of small sized g string panties. I was a medium but anything would be better than nude I told myself. Are all her undies sheer, I wondered to myself?I slipped them on. They were very small, skimpy and see through, but very soft and silky. I was not used to g strings, being a bikini brief type of girl. It really pulled into my ass and was so high cut that it didn’t fully cover my pubes in front.I got into the downward dog pose. My legs were hips-width apart as required for the pose. I knew I must be in a very compromising position, and I felt awkward."You have a great toned body, Rachel. I never noticed it in class, you don’t need to be shy with me," Kara tried to reassure me, probably picking up on me being so anxious and out of place here doing this.Kara looking at me in the pose only made me feel even more self-conscious. I felt all my pores tingle as if exposed to the cold."I am going to give you an adjustment as I do in class!" Kara said as she stood and placed herself between my open legs and crouched down to the floor.She pulled down on my ankles to root them into the ground as they strained to tilt upwards to form the downward dog triangle.I felt strange having a woman being so close to me when I was dressed like this. I felt quite uneasy being so exposed, particularly with my feet so wide apart and sticking my butt out in the air, and my breasts hanging loose as I faced downwards.Kara let go of my ankles and stood up and started to push with both her hands at my hips bones to adjust my form from a clumsy arch into a sharp structured triangle.“Push your butt and hips out as high as you can and stretch your hamstrings.” Kara instructed me.“Now stretch your fingers out as wide as they go and wrap around your triceps to hold you in the position as you push down on the mat.”I felt Kara’s palms rest gently on my naked butt as she pushed into my hips using her body weight. She walked in closer to me and I felt a soft very warm spot as her body made contact with the back of my thighs. I realised that this must be her pubic area. She pushed harder into my leg while leaning forward pushing against my hips. Feeling the touch of another women like this was unexpected, and while I would have normally jumped and run form the idea, I found myself desiring and yearning for more. I was not sure if this was sexual or just mistaken touch. Either way, the gentleness of touch, the situation at hand and the physical feeling all played in my mind."I know this looks like an easy pose but is quite tough to get it right. Take five deep breaths and then ease out of the pose," she continued.“Now get into child’s pose, open your knees wide and lean forward as much as you can, sitting your butt down on your heels.
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I will help you get a deeper stretch,” Kara went on.As I leaned forward with my knees wide apart reaching my arms forward I felt Kara lean onto my back pushing it forward as I stretched deeper into the pose. This time I definitely felt the heat and I knew where it was coming from as I fet the softness of her mound press firmly against my lower back and then she sort of draped her body over my upper back pushing me deeper into the fold. I then felt her naked breasts and I smelled her subtle perfume as she got closer to my neck.Without fully understanding what was occurring I find myself getting aroused. I felt heaviness and throbbing in my groin as my vagina moistened and my clit soared with sensitivity, swelling up. I sucked in the sensation as my skin started to tingle and my heart started to beat heavily. I felt my own heat in between my legs. I sucked in more of this as this feeling spread up my body. I let out a sigh as my nipples came alive and grew into erect flag poles. My heartbeat was fast and I had to open my mouth to breathe. I tried to hide my reactions. They were not appropriate."I want to show you something in the bridge pose, the difficult pose I helped you with tonight," Kara said as she got up and moved off my back.She must not have realised what was happening with me. I was relieved.I sat up on the mat lifted my knees and watched Kara demonstrate another pose.Kara got onto the second mat and went into a full wheel position which is an extension of bridge. She had her palms facing backwards on the ground behind her head and her feet flat on the ground. Her hips were lifted up high forming an arch or a bridge and her head was facing backwards.Her breasts were pointing upwards and her nipples were erect pointing upwards like tiny towers. I looked on, secretly admiring her ability to do this in front of me as if so natural, not getting fazed at all. She took in five breaths and then got out of the pose and stood up. "Ok, you try it, I will help you get into the pose!" she instructed me.I lay down on the mat facing upwards, placed my hands behind my head to grasp the ground and lifted up my hips as high as I could and got stuck. My hip and pubic bones were sticking out of my skin and my stomach muscles were taut. I looked forward down my body towards my knees to see if they were spaced correctly to give me the leverage I needed. I pushed my hips as high as I could into the backbend, my mound was really sticking out now. Small strands of my dark pubic hair were visible on the side of the high cut undies and a dark patch showed through the sheer undies especially as I strained to arch my groin up."Here let me give you a hand" Kara offered.She stood over me and put her hands on either side of my hips, reaching underneath and then with her palms pulled my butt upwards until I was in a strained upward bend."Keep your head back so you don't strain your neck," she instructed me.I felt my whole body straining, pulling on every muscle in my legs, thighs, butt and back to keep me in the arched pose. I was quivering and shaking as my muscles pulled and worked so hard. Kara's hands kept their hold on my butt to support my lower back.I felt myself get more aroused from this pose. Opening my hips and legs and pushing up into the air as high as I could. My exertion caused vibrations in my muscles and my groin was on fire. As I pushed upwards I was getting more and more aroused. I felt a wave of heat permeate my pubic area and my whole body became more sensitive. I was feeling tension right through my hip area. I was out of breath too.“I hope Kara is not aware of all that I was experiencing,” I prayed."Ok, time to release from the pose. Lower your hips gently out of the arch and then lower your spine downward to the mat.""Now take a few minutes to lie down in child’s pose and relax," Kara instructed me.Kara walked away for a minute to another room as I lay there trying to recover and get my breath back.Out of the blue, Kara came back to the room and said, "How would you like to have a hot spa, I have one on my balcony? It is always good after yoga to soak the muscles. It helps them recover."“Sounds like a great idea,” I answered.Kara led the way to the balcony. She switched on the jets, pulled her undies off and dropped them to the side of the spa, and climbed in. I followed her but I left the panties on as I joined her in the bubbles.It was agood feeling, letting the jets massage my spine, but even better for me was that I could hide my nakedness under the frothing white water.The jet coming out of the seat was vibrating against my butt. I lifted my butt up slightly and the powerful jets went straight at my clit. It was fast and intense. My clit ached to be touched. This was mesmerising and it was better than finger masturbation."How are you feeling? Are any of your muscles sore and aching?" Kara asked me as she sat opposite me in the spa."My neck is sore, probably from not entering the backbend quickly enough," I answered.Kara, without warning, got up and walked over to me. She stood right in front of me, facing me. "I will give you a quick neck massage. Look downwards and I will massage the strained muscles around the neck bone," Kara instructed.She then lifted her both her hands and started to rub her two index fingers into my shoulder and the side of my neck.As I looked forward I could see her petite breasts right in front of me and then when I looked down as she instructed I had a head-on view of her pussy, just above the water line and only a few inches from my face. It had water beads on the smooth glistening labia and looked so glorious. Her clit was visible in between her tight slit. It had a brown reddish hood sticking out between the bald folds of her hairless folds and looked much bigger than mine. I wondered if it was excited just like mine was right then.While Kara continued to knead and massage my neck muscles my mind started to fantasise."It really is helping!" I told her.She inched in closer to me and then knelt down to get better access to my neck. I felt her breasts brush against mine. I felt her soft skin rub against my erect nipple. It only added oil to the fire of passion burning within me. As her fingers were rubbing and deeply massaging my neck joints her breasts were riding up and down against mine."Does that feel better? Is there any other pain besides your neck?" she asked me.The mounting tension was taking hold of me. I wished I was back at home in the privacy of my bedroom, where I could close my eyes, where I could open my legs and guide my fingers into my wetness and feel my g-spot inside my pussy as it sent shivers of pleasure up my spine.In the privacy of my bedroom I could open my legs wide, lift my knees and I could rub my clit with my finger as it danced around my swollen fleshy flower. I would use my Hitachi vibrator to vibrate it in little circles pulling at the skin with just the right amount of pressure to slowly build up my burning raw passion. I would be able to turn around and lie facing my bed with my knees wide apart as I leaned forward and slipped my hand in between my thighs to push the vibrator into my pussy from behind my butt. I would be able to loudly exhale my moans of pleasure. When l I felt the floodgates tear open, I would take in a deep breath and hold it as I was consumed in the moment and then I would scream as I climaxed, rubbing the creamy wetness that ran down my inner thigh back over my pussy as I came. I would climax and surrender my body in orgasm after orgasm until I was depleted. The heavenly sensations of that afterglow from being fully pleasured, satisfied to the full and all tensions gone.All this imagining made me so horny. I needed some privacy. I needed to either be fucked hard or to fuck myself with my fingers and toys.I clenched my eyes as the tension built up.Kara's fingers meanwhile massaged my neck by the collar bone. Her fingers pushed down hard into my muscles in downward strokes.On one of the strokes of her fingers went further down my neck and I felt her finger brush against my nipple. Was it on purpose? I could not help but moan softly under my breath.My lust was at exploding point. I got up and I faced Kara as with one hand I pulled in her naked butt and with the other hand, I rubbed at her nipples. I was shocked at my loss of inhibition. This was unlike me. A devil had been unleashed. It knew no bounds. I could not stop. Kara was not fighting me and when I pulled her closer she went with the flow. I dropped down and took her nipples into my mouth. I then took a finger and I inserted it into her pussy. It was soaking wet and easy to push in and was so hot. She moaned deeply and loudly as I pushed in a second finger.I ferociously sucked her nipple."Stand up," she instructed me.I stood up obligingly.She grabbed my butt and she bent down. My fingers had to come out of her pussy. She then put her mouth against my pussy and with her tongue licked up my slit. I felt the warmth and I arched back and pushed my pussy out for her to get easier contact. She with her lips nibbled around my clit and then twisted her tongue quickly around it in circles. I was clenching her nipples really hard and moaning in pleasure. I felt a rush, an orgasm coming. I didn't want her to stop. I rotated my hips in towards her face and out again to ride the waves of passing tension. She then knelt down more and held my butt cheeks pushing them up as she licked below my pussy and stuck her tongue into the entrance to my butt. This was the greatest turn-on I had ever experienced. It felt naughty, forbidden yet the pleasure was deep and I moaned and clenched and orgasmed like never before. I stuck my fingers back into her pussy and fingered her fast and furiously. The intensity and rush, the uplifting glow as a tsumani orgasm took over and just consumed and drowned all of my senses. I lifted my neck back to take in some air as I held on. Kara was pulling her nipples hard as she moaned in unison with me. I pulled out my fingers as we stood up and hugged each other’s sweaty bodies.A few minutes later, we got dressed and had hot chocolate on her couch."Rachel, please don't say anything about today to anyone. I have a boyfriend Mark and I don’t want anybody to know about my secret bisexual fantasies," she pleaded."Have you been with a girl before?" she asked me."No, this is my first," I replied embarrassingly."Shit, I forgot your clothes in the dryer," Kara shouted out of the blue.She quickly got up and ran to the other room.A few minutes later she came back and handed me my clothes. My spandex tights were burnt."I am so sorry. I will get you something else to wear from my bedroom."She came back with those light blue tights she had on at yoga the other day.I dried off, pulled on her tights and felt them pull deep into my butt cheeks just like it did when she wore them. Kara stood in front of me and put her hands around clenching my butt as we kissed each other with our tongues. I was getting horny again. My pussy started to well up. We separated and the light tights now pulling into my pussy folds too showed a vertical wet stripe.Best to wear panties under yoga pants!

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