Ass Sex In The Sauna With A Horny Goodness

Ass Sex In The Sauna With A Horny Goodness

It's been a week since mom and I had our, what the heck do I call it, I guess you call it she boned my brains out. It has been a long week I hardly had any time to see Sarah with her Grandpa dying and the funeral stuff. I went to her grandpa's funeral held her hand and hugged her while she was sad. We even had a chance to slip into a closet and make out briefly and passionately, but we haven't had a chance to talk about the tied up day. She said she would be over today, meanwhile my mom has not said but maybe twenty words to me all week. She would come home late from work and be gone before I woke up, she left me cash and notes saying get some food, literally that's all it said nothing else, not Love Mom nothing. I didn't know what to think about it really. I mean if we didn't do something soon I had a feeling this would blow up and one if not both of us would be scarred for life. I needed to talk to someone and real soon. "Jared," Sarah called out from the doorway. She normally just walks in and did so as usual. "Hey babe," I took her in my arms holding her tightly I needed the feeling of closeness, I had severely missed it this last week. "Jared are you ok?" she asked as I held her. Kissing her I started to cry, the feelings and emotions that were welled up inside burst like a dam. I just held her as I sobbed, she held me back letting me get it all out. Little did she know how much more I needed to get out. "What's wrong baby?" she asked me very concerned, as this kind of emotion was uncommon for me. "I fucked my mom!!!" I blurted out in between sobs. "WHAT!?!?!" Sarah pulled me up looking me in the eyes, "How, where, what? Are you serious?" I went on to tell her what happened after she got called away leaving me handcuffed to the bed, I told her about how everything happened and how my mom hadn't talked to me in a week. I sat there facing away from her telling her my scandalous tale hoping against hope she wouldn't be sickened by what happened and leave. After I told her everything and she hadn't said anything in a while I turned around to look at Sarah. What sat before me was clearly not sickened in fact I would go so far as to say the opposite as I looked at Sarah who was half naked with three of her fingers buried in her hot wet pussy. Well I am still a 17 year old male and when you see a hot chick fingering herself in your bed perspectives tend to change, I crawled over to her pussy and pulled her hands away as I started to lick her hot cunt. "Oh god Jared eat me, lick my pussy." she said as I slid my tongue over her clit. I slid my finger into her cunt as I sucked her clit deeply into my mouth flicking my tongue over the nubbin hard and fast. Within seconds Sarah was screaming. "Oh yes, suck my fucking pussy, you mother fucker!" she cried out. It took me by surprise but clearly she was extremely excited at the thought of me and my mom, but first things first I needed to take care of business before we continued talking about this. Climbing up her body I slid out of my shorts and slid my cock into her wet hot pussy sliding in all the way in one smooth stroke. She grabbed onto me feeling my cock deep inside her body as she ground herself against me urging me to keep fucking her. I hugged her tightly to my body as I rammed my cock into her over and over feeling cunt squeeze my cock as hard as she could squeeze as I slammed into her again and again.Kissing, our tongues mingled together hotly as we came closer and closer to cumming. I could feel her body striving for mine as we fed on each other's hunger for mutual satisfaction. Just holding each other as we thrust our loins together as hard as we could reaching for the feeling that we wanted to never end but knew once we got there it would, together our bodies exploded in a cacophony of sounds. Together our orgasms mingled as we grunted and or screamed out in ecstasy as our raw emotions flooded through us we just held each other through the experience. "Holy fuck Jared," Sarah finally said something after several minutes. "Yeah that was intense," I replied. "Intense it was crazy insane awesome. I have never felt anything like that before ever," she said. "I thought you would be freaked out by my story I was a little surprised to see you jacking off babe." I mentioned as we continued to be co-mingled. "You have no idea how the idea of you having sex with your freaking hot mom makes me." she said as she started kissing my neck again, grinding her crotch against my cock again, like she was ready for more. "You don't think it's weird or freaky?" I asked. "You don't realize how hot your mom is do you?" Sarah asked me. "No why?" I looked at her strangely. "Every guy I know that knows your mom wants to bang her, she is smoking hot and here I am in bed with her son that did what every one of your friends wants to do. Holy crap just thinking about it is getting my pussy juicing all over again," she said breathing heavily. Thinking about what she said I looked at my mom from a different perspective and realized my mom was extremely beautiful, at Five foot six inches tall she was a classic beauty a size four girl with killer curves and a lovely set of 34 d's I know I do laundry and checked the tag on her bra. "Wow you are right she is hot isn't she." I said. "No shit Sherlock!" she replied back, "And you said she hasn't talked to you since it happened?" "Yeah nothing a few words here and there but she hasn't even looked at me, she keeps throwing money at me for food and stuff, but literally no contact." I told her. "She is clearly ashamed of herself," Sarah told me matter of factly, "She is ashamed that not only did she give in to her urges but she did it with her son." "So what do we do, miss know it all?" I asked my beautiful girlfriend as she was clearly pondering my options or I was soon to find out our options. "Well there is only one thing we can do, we tie her up and fuck her. That is if you want to, I mean it's your mom are you ok doing it again?" She asked definitively. "WHAT?!?!? Are you insane that's what started the whole problem to begin with!!" I yelled at her. Then I thought about it some more, would I fuck my mother again? Yeah looking back it was amazing and hot as hell. "And I think I would do it again, how do you know she wants me again?" "Look, based on what you said your mom hasn't been laid in years. She is young hot and obviously has needs and I will prove it to your dumb ass follow me." She said getting off me our love juices running down her leg as she went down the hall to my mom's room. Opening the door she walked over to the night stand and opened the drawer. She closed it then opened the other one, closing that she looked under the pillow and in the bed finally she grabbed something and pulled it out shoving it in my face. I was looking at a massive plastic dildo. "See, she has needs. Only she hasn't been with a man since she was a teenager and that resulted in you, so she is afraid of relationships, but her body is screaming with hormonal needs. When she saw you tied to the bed her body betrayed her sensibilities all she saw was a gorgeous rock hard cock and she had to have it," She spouted her logic to me, then smelled the dildo, "See, smell, its fresh she used it last night," waving the dildo under my nose I could clearly smell the distinct pussy smell on the plastic. "Okay wise girl, how do we go about fucking her again when she comes home late and leaves early?" I asked. "Well mister dumb ass, tomorrow is Saturday, so she probably won't be going to work tomorrow will she?" she asked me. "I don't think so," I replied. "So it's a safe bet she has been grateful for the fact you were distracted over my grandpa and my needs as well as being able to work long hours to hide from you," she continued on with her logic, "so basically I spend the night here tonight, she will go into her room as soon as she gets home and hope you don't say anything. Then we wait till we know she's asleep we sneak into her room and tie her to her bed and have out way with her." She finished her story as she was getting hotter thinking about it. "We you want to fuck my mom too?" I asked. "Hello, you really are not that bright are you, remember your mom is hot, and I have been known to swing the other way occasionally," she said with a glint in her eye. "Yeah who?" I challenged her. "Mary Ostranski," she returned in no time at all meaning she didn't make it up she had it in her head. "When?" I continued my questions. "Spring Break. She stayed over at my house for a couple days while the folks went out of town, remember you came over for the party," she said. "Yeah but how did that lead to well you know?" I asked remembering the party it was a good one this was before Sarah and I became official but it was the tinder in the fire that started this flame. "What us sucking cunts, well you were too dumb to get my hints back then and I was so horny I was playing with myself in the bathroom and she caught me, next thing I know she is between my legs sucking my clit. Two days of non-stop sex till mom and dad got home and there you have it. We have done it a few times since but none this summer when you finally got the hint when I clubbed you over the head with my tits," she reiterated her tale to me. "Wait you wanted me back then?" I asked. "You dunderhead, of course I did. You were just too nice to jump at the chance or you didn't figure it out," she ran her hand down my face affectionately. I thought back to the party and put two and two together, she hung out with me the whole time, turned down all comers that asked her to dance. And giggled at all my stupid jokes, wow I was stupid. "Ok, all that aside you really want to help me fuck my mom?" I asked her seriously. "Hell yes, I can't wait, in fact we need to get it ready, come on," she said going to my mom's closet getting some scarves and hose out. "Ok, we tie these around the bed legs hiding them underneath," she told me as she prepped the bondage attack on my mother. "With these loops like this we can put them over your mom's legs and hands pulling them tight easily. Then we adjust them at the legs after she is secure for total access, then we make her cum 400 times," she smiled wickedly at me. Sarah got permission to spend the night at Mary's house, but only after Mary made her promise her something I couldn't hear on the phone. So Sarah was going to be here all night and Mary would cover for her if anything happened. All was set for the evening's events, we watched T.V. had some dinner, I ordered pizza since I had plenty of money. And we waited, it wasn't till about 10:45pm that mom pulled up. She came into the house she looked a little strange seeing us on the couch, as she tried to get to her room as fast as possible, Sarah had other ideas. Jumping up she ran over to my mom giving her a big hug. "Hi Mom," she said, "Thank you so much for the condolence card it meant a lot to my family. I am sorry I haven't been around to help doofus keep the house clean for you, he told me you have had a crazy schedule this week." My mom not knowing what else to do, hugged Sarah back, "Oh sweetie, you are welcome. I am sorry for our loss. I remember when my grandparents passed it was hard too," mom said back to her. That was the most words I heard her speak in a week. "I ho
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pe you don't mind me being here this late we rented a couple scary movies and ordered some pizza, are you hungry?" Sarah asked like it was the most natural thing in world. "No darling I ate something a bit ago, but thanks for the offer and you know you are always welcome here." mom told her, then she kissed Sarah's forehead, "I have had a long week I am real tired so you two have fun, behave yourselves and I will see you later, good night." and she went to her room closing the door not even looking at me. "Wow you weren't kidding, she needs you bad," Sarah whispered in my ear. "WHAT" I said loudly. "Shut up you doofus, she needs you bad she was trembling and it wasn't fright, maybe a little when I hugged her I could feel her nipples through her shirt, her heart was racing she is doing everything in her power to resist your wondrous cock," she explained as she ran her hand up my thigh grabbing my crotch. She continued, "In fact I would be willing to bet she is in there right now with that dildo slamming it into her wet pussy thinking about your hot cock inside her," she whispered some more as she nibbled my ear. "No way!" I said. "Ok fine lets go sneak down the hall and listen at her door," Sarah challenged me. "Noooo" I said. But Sarah jumped up and sped down the hall sliding on her sock covered feet to be quiet. "Sarah", I whispered loudly, "Get back here." Sarah completely ignored me as she got close to my mom's door she placed her ear to it. She smiled and waved for me to come down, I shook my head no and she did that evil woman stare thing and I went down the hall. She pointed to the door and mouthed the word listen. Doing as she asked my jaw hit the floor. "Ooohhh Jared yes fuck me with that big cock fill mommy's needy cunt." I heard my mom moaning my name as she was in the throes of passion. "Ooooh yes harder harder, ahhhhh," she yelled out, but in the house with the T.V. going I never would have heard it unless I was outside her door. We went back to the living room Sarah throwing my on the couch as she jumped in my lap kissing me hard, she drove her tongue into my mouth as she was super excited about the coming attack. She kept kissing me for a while before she settled into my lap sitting there rubbing her body against mine as we watched the movie. When the movie was over we looked at the clock it was about 12:40AM my mom would surely be asleep by now. Sarah stripped off her clothes and told me to do the same, I thought it was weird at first then, thought oh yeah we are going in there to fuck my mom so clothes would be a hindrance. We slipped down the hall quietly Sarah listened at the door gave me the shhh sign as she turned out the light and quietly opened the door. Every turn of the knob made my heart skip a beat, I was so excited, terrified, exhilarated at the upcoming prospective adventure. I mean how surreal is it to be sneaking into your mom's room with your naked girlfriend with the intention of tying her up and fucking her brains out. Trust me it's surreal! The door opened and we could see my mom on her back laying in the middle of her bed, sleeping soundly her dildo laying on the sheet between her legs like she fell asleep just after finishing her jerk off session. Sarah moved forward motioning me towards her legs as she moved to the arms. We moved like ninja's in the night as we slowly moved to my mother's bed. Sarah grabbed the first scarf and lifted it to her hand, she lightly touched my mom's face and she moved her hand to sleepily stop the itch. As she put it back down Sarah waited and like a champion steer roper slid mom's hand through the scarf and slowly tightened it. Sarah quick as a bug went under the bed to the other side and in nothing flat had both my mom's arms tied. Fortunately based on mom's position one of the scarf's was in the perfect position with mom's arm outstretched already so once we pounced her second arm would go fast. Sarah was ready to pull mom's other arm tight once I got her feet secured, again because of her position on the bed one leg was in perfect position so I got that scarf on first. I slowly lifted my mom's soft leg, it was so smooth as I placed the scarf over her foot securing her leg to the bed. I moved to the other side and did the same thing, placing the scarf over her leg I started to pull it tight. I paused when mom moaned out loud. Sarah and I quickly pulled her arm and leg over securing her on the bed as she lay there. Looking down at my mom I was suddenly struck by her beauty how amazing she looked in the moon light. Her hair cascading over her pillow her full breasts standing tall on her chest just waiting to be sucked and her smooth clean shaven pussy, just ripe for the picking. I couldn't take it any longer I needed to taste her. I climbed onto the bed kissing my way up her thigh. I moved the dildo out of the way as I stuck my head between her thighs and started to lick her soft pussy lips. I slid my tongue through her damp slit from top to bottom, which caused her to moan immediately. I slowly drove my tongue into her wet pussy still moist from her dildo fucking and calling out my name. I started licking my mother's pussy with a fanatic desire to consume her, from top to bottom I slid my tongue through over and around her lips and then finally I grasped her clit in my mouth sucking it into my mouth just like I did Sarah's earlier and started to swirl my tongue over it. "Oooooh, Jared, eat my pussy baby, eat your mommy," my mom moaned out loud. Sarah couldn't stand it anymore and moved over to her tits taking her nipple in her mouth while I sucked her clit. "Oooooh god, you make mommy feel good, son please eat my pussy, suck my nipples," she kept moaning in a half sleepy state. "Kiss me Jared, kiss mommy like a woman son make me feel alive again." Sarah saw I was a little busy so she took one for the team so to speak as she went up and started making out with my mom. Kissing her softly at first sliding her tongue into my mom's mouth they kissed as if they had been lovers a long time I could see mom pulling at her scarves wanting to touch us both even though she thought it was only me. Gasping for air my mom started bucking her hips up and down on my mouth. "Yes, yes, yes, oh my suck my clit, Jared. Make mommy cum!" She screamed. Hearing her call my name with such passion drove my cock crazy I was hard as a rock. watching Sarah kiss my mom, and suck her nipples wasn't hurting the procedure either. Sarah lost in the moment put her legs over my mom's head getting ready to place her wet pussy over my mom's mouth. I tapped her shoulder telling her to wait one second. I got into position between my mother's legs rubbing my cock up and down her soaking wet slit. "Mom this is your son Jared, do you want me to fuck your wet pussy mommy?" I asked her. "Yes, Jared. Fuck mommy, make me feel like you did the other day, please son fuck me!" she begged. I nodded to Sarah to begin her face sitting as I slammed my cock into my mother's soaking wet cunt. If my mother wasn't awake before there was no doubt now as she tried to sit up and she screamed in joy as my cock went deep inside her. "Oooohhhh yeeeeesssss" she screamed as her mouth came in contact with Sarah's pussy nature took over and my mom started sucking on Sarah's clit. Sarah reached back wrapping her arm around my neck as I pounded my cock into my mother. Taking a breath from eating Sarah's cunt, my mother cried out again, "Fuck me hard, Jared. Don't stop fucking your mommy!" Based on her reaction something told me we really didn't need the scarves to do this, I kissed Sarah as she moaned into my mouth as my mother continued to suck her clit or slide her tongue over everything I couldn't tell but Sarah was enjoying herself none the less. I motioned for her to untie my mom's hands. Sarah reached over and untied her hands quickly and easily as soon as my mother was loose she grabbed Sarah's tits and started squeezing them and twisting her nipples. All while sucking her clit as I fucked my cock into and out of my mom's hot cunt. "Oh gooodddd!" Sarah screamed as my mother made her cum with the attack on her clit and nipples Sarah fell off her head laying in the bed beside us. My mom grabbed my head pulling me down and kissed me hard sliding her tongue into my mouth, I don't know what was hotter the fact my mom was kissing me like that or tasting Sarah's hot juices on my mom's mouth. Sarah went behind us and freed my mom's legs once freed she wrapped them around my body as she clasped onto me while I fucked her. I kept pounding my cock into her wet pussy the feel of my cock sliding back and forth in the tight canal 17 years ago I came out of was insane. My mom pulled off me rolling over on her hands and knees she grabbed my cock and put it back inside her cunt, doggy style. "Fuck me hard Jared. Now!" She screamed. I grabbed my mom's hips and started to saw my cock back and forth inside her going all the way inside burying my cock as deep as it would go. Sarah crawled between our legs, how do I know this because I felt her tongue go up my ass and then start licking my mom's pussy as I continued to fuck her. I watched my mom grab Sarah's head and pull her tight into my mom's cunt. "Suck my clit, you little slut!" She was out of control, my mom was currently a rampaging sexual beast with the need to be fucked, "Harder Jared, slam that huge cock into my my cunt. Fuck your mommy!" I couldn't take it anymore the whole scenario Sarah between my legs licking my mom's pussy as I slammed my hard cock into her sloppy wet pussy, mom screaming at me to fuck her harder the need she exhumed was intense. Holding onto my mom's hips I did as she asked I fucked her as hard as I could I slammed my cock into her hard and fast. Mom's face was in the pillow as she kept screaming in joy, not orgasm just the sheer joy of being fucked and fucked hard. I lost my mind when Sarah stuck her finger in my ass, it started a chain reaction, I slammed my cock deep into my mother's cunt, as I came like never before. Shooting stream after stream of hot cum into my mom's hot pussy, upon her feeling my cum hit her insides she raised up from the pillow and screamed out loud. "Ah yeeesss cummmming! Fuck mommy!" She screamed out. Sarah came too with all the orgasms flying around she grabbed one and rode it out. The three of us collapsed into a heap on the bed, Sarah moved up to me kissing me as I am sure she could taste my mom's juices on my face, just as I tasted my mom's juices on hers. We both reached over and snuggled in with my mother. Holding onto her she had started to cry, sobbing it seemed, I was afraid I had hurt her, "Mom are you okay?" I asked concerned. "Oh son I have never felt like this before. You did things to me I have never felt your stupid father stuck his cock in me and came before I could even get going. But you my magnificent son made the heavens tremble deep within me, I don't think I could go back to that dildo if I tried." She told me. Pulling Sarah and I close she kissed us both. We have lost to talk about tomorrow kids let's get some sleep. I snuggled into the bed between Sarah and my mom two of the hottest women ever. Looking at the clock it was nearly 2AM What will tomorrow bring as both women wrapped their arms and legs around me we all fell asleep together. To Be Continued:

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