She's Happy To Be Fucked In The Back

She's Happy To Be Fucked In The Back

Chapter 1 My mom died when I was three and my father married a woman quite a lot younger than he was; she was, actually, just out of college. Dad is a businessman, owns a company involved in designing and building new plants to make plastic containers, and we live in a very nice house in a gated neighborhood. We have a nice pool, a sauna and a hot tub along with a game room with pinball machines, a pool table, darts, you name it. So, it's all pretty nice. The woman Dad married is Cassie, short for Cassandra, and her short name sometimes gets confused with mine, Casey. Casey, Cassie. Well, anyway, Dad married a real looker, lots younger than him, he's now sixty-three, she's thirty-six and I'm sixteen. Even my birth mom was somewhat younger than Dad so I guess he's always liked the younger ones. Now, Cassie came to live here a few months before they got married and it's been almost ten years now. So, we're used to each other and, I must say, we get along pretty well. Better than my father and I do, sometimes. One thing is for sure, my step-mother is easy to look at. Remember, I'm sixteen and she's really pretty. Just about my height, five-seven or so, trim, nice ass, oh, you should see her in a bikini, she fills out the top, too, ash blonde wavy hair down past her shoulders, nice, tanned legs. We both use the pool a lot during the summer and she has a collection of bikinis that I have memorized completely. She looks like she could be in Playboy. Enough said, right? My dad does travel a fair amount and the Sunday evening that I want to tell you about, I was in our media room watching a movie when Cassie came in wearing just a short, thin nighty and a pair of thong panties and asked what I was watching. I actually stuttered a moment, she had never before dressed this scantily before. Now, she did dress as you would expect a pretty, young woman to dress, but this was new. And, did she look good. "Um, just a movie, it's…" "Well, how about something a bit more grown-up, Casey, you're sixteen now, let's get something more adult to watch" and she pulled a book down from a high shelf and out came a DVD which she put in the player. As it started, there were several warnings and she sat herself down next to me and we were soon watching a naked pool party which quickly went right into sucking and fucking. "This better?" she asked as she snuggled close into me. "Yeah, I didn't quite expect something like this." "Or maybe this either," she said as she reached her hands across and pulled off her nighty. Well, remember, I'm sixteen. And, she's beautiful, stunning, really. Her breasts were just perfect, round, firm, pink nipples that stuck out; she looked so good. "No, um, but I sure like it." She took my hand and brought it to her breast. So soft and my heart was beating madly as I gently felt those wonderful breasts that I had looked at so often out by the pool. "They love being kissed and sucked," she said smiling at me as I bent down to take one in my mouth. I knew then, as soon as her nipple entered my mouth, that I would be hungry for breasts the rest of my life. My hand went up to fondle her other breast as I sucked. Then, there it was. Her hand gently rested on the bulge in my shorts. She was feeling my dick. I almost forgot to keep breathing. "Mmm, what have we got, here, Casey? Something for me? Something I can play with while you play with my boobs? Would you take your shorts off for me?" Well, I wasted no time and pulled them off and flipped them away with my foot. Then off came my briefs, after all, I knew what she wanted, right? Her fingers wrapping around my dick sent my heart rate soaring. Then, she started doing what I so often did to my cock. Oh, but it felt so much better then she did it. I moaned as I sucked on and on. She moved so I could nestle in her arm and suck as she jacked me up and down. I was in heaven. This was perfect happiness. "Feel good?" she cooed. "Mmm, mmm," I mumbled with a mouth full of wonderful breast. I lay there totally enjoying every stroke, every suck, when I felt my dick tingle and that wonderful sensation spread outward as my body froze, my hips jerked up and fountains of cum went spurting up out of my cock. I was engulfed in the most wonderful sexual feeling of my life. So far. "Oh, I'll bet that felt good, look at all your cum, Casey. Here, let's see what it tastes like," and she wiped up a glob and put it right in her mouth. "Mmm, nice. You'll be fun to suck off." Suck off? Oh, she did say that, yes she did. So, this isn't just a one time thing, she's planning on more, doing more. "As soon as we can get you nice and hard, maybe you'd like to fuck your stepmom? Think you'd like to do that?" "Oh, would I, you're so beautiful, I'd love to, just when?" "Well, stand up, mmm, yeah, right there," and she slid her lips down over the end of my dick and started sucking me as her hand played with my balls underneath. She slid her mouth off me, then took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom, swept the covers back, pulled off her panties and fell onto the mattress spreading her legs wide, pulling me up onto the bed. I got between her legs, nervous and excited, and put my dick right up to her pussy's slit and pushed. The feeling from my dick as it slid inside her was phenomenal, it was just so smooth and slippery and luscious, then as I began going back and forth, I almost thought my heart would stop. "Oh, this is the best thing I've ever felt. I hope you want me to do this more than just this once, it feels so good." "Well, Casey, if you want to, you and I can do things a whole lot differently from now on. Would you like to be my lover, my secret lover?" "Oh, I'd give anything, yes, oh, you really mean it?" "Yes, we could be lovers, we could do this as much as you want. Every day, even more." "I'd give anything to do this. Anything," I answered as I fucked in and out of her. I had dreamed about my first time to have sex with a girl and here I was, with a grown woman, a beautiful, grown woman, my own stepmother, wow, I couldn't believe it. This was incredible. "If you want to, we can just be naked all the time we're home together, would you like that?" "Oh, man, this is making me so hard. Yes, all the time, you, with no clothes on? Oh, wow, that's my idea of heaven." "And, you can fuck me any time you want, Casey, or if you want me to suck you, or if you want to make me feel good licking my pussy, I'd love it." "I just hope I'm not dreaming. Oh, it feels like…uuh, UUH, UUH, UHN, uh, mmm, ooh, ooh, wow, that's so good," and I slumped down over Cassie as she put her legs around by back, locked her ankles together and began bucking up and down. "Oh, oh, yes, yes, mmm, that's it, yes, UUUH, UUUH, MMM, MMM, oh, yes, mmm," and she covered my face with kisses. "Wasn't that nice? We can do that as much as you want." "I'd love nothing better. Look, I think I could do it again." "Was that your first time, I'm thinking maybe it was?" "Yeah, I'd never done it before, it was just wonderful. I can't believe how wonderful this is with you all naked like this and letting me, well, this." "I'm glad I was your first, Casey. It's something I'll always remember. Now, do you think you could fuck me again, I'm really wanting you." I was hard, how could I not be when I'm with this naked goddess. She is the MILF of all MILFs. And, yes, I wanted to fuck her again. She dropped back, patted her pussy and I got up and pushed back inside her and began; oh, those wonderful feelings again. "Did you mean it when you said we could be naked every day together, even in the pool?" "Sure, the neighbors can't see in, I've been in the pool late at night, skinny-dipping and couldn't see any lights from our neighbors. So, sure, as long as your father is at work or traveling, we'll be here all nice and naked." "And we can do this a lot?" "As much as you want. And, we have the rest of the week and three days of next week. Even when your dad's in town, we have every day." That thought did it, I shoved into her and began spurting more cum into my stepmom. There would be much more in the days ahead. We slept together than night, she let me fuck her sometime in the middle of the night, probably around three, and then I had her again before we got up the next morning. Sure as she said, my stepmom and I were naked with each other the rest of the week. Every time she saw that I was hard, she asked me what I wanted from her, a fuck or a blowjob. I was also a good stepson and gave her all the licking her pussy could stand. It turned out that I just loved giving oral sex to her and would be a lifelong devotee of cunnilingus. Cassie also constantly teased me sexually by taking hold of my cock and playing with it, sitting with her legs open, often rubbing a finger in the groove of her slit as I watched, then tasting her finger; oh, she kept me hard the whole time. I really lost count of the times we fucked, they were so numerous, we both seemed to want each other all the time. She had told me that my dad hadn't had sex with her in over five years and she finally thought I was old enough, so that's how it all came about. She also gave me a bottle of those pills you see on television all the time, the one for older men to give them good hard-ons. I really didn't think I needed them but after I'd fucked her three times one morning, I took one and, well, they're not just for old men, I can tell you. So, I, too, was taking the 'little blue pill' and fucking my stepmom even more than before. I had her shave her pussy which I helped do, then she shaved me around my cock. Her pussy was pretty and plump, it just called out for my mouth and tongue whenever I saw it and I saw it all the time. We would often sit watching a movie or a porn DVD with her slowly masturbating me and her with her legs apart with my finger rubbing around her clit as she would squirm and enjoy every second. I did have a part-time job that summer with a pool construction company, so I was in pretty good shape and had a nice tan. My tan got better with some mornings or afternoons spent at our pool in the nude. I did have to warn my stepmom that we wouldn't ever want my dad to see my tanned cock with a woman's fingers around it in a paler hue. We laughed about that. She also often had me sit between her legs when we watched TV or movies or porn. She would pull her legs up onto the sofa, her feet next to my hips and rub her pussy and clit against my back as she reached around to play with my hard cock. She also kissed and licked my back and shoulders which also kept me hard. I had also found out that, while I was just sixteen, I did have only a finite amount of semen. There was no way I could match my super-horny stepmother and began limiting the amount of arousal she would give me by hand and even mouth so I could fuck her as much as we both wanted. This wasn't all bad, either, as I found that I could sometimes just fuck her on and on and on, sometimes until I literally just collapsed in exhaustion. I learned that you could just never wear out a pussy or its desire, I always gave out first. But, I gave her fuckings that had her screaming to the rooftops. There were times I would climax and there wasn't any fluid that would come out. It still felt pretty good and I could get Cassie off several times before I did. So, she was very happy with everything. I had fallen into paradise with a horny, gorgeous, sexy, insatiable goddess of a stepmother. We fucked at least four or five times a day, really spending most of our waking hours together in some form of sexual liaison. Chapter 2 One morn
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ing in early July, my stepmom and I were standing in the kitchen, naked as always, her hand gripping my cock, when the front doorbell rang. Being a gated community, I figured it would be UPS or Fed-Ex, one of the delivery companies. I pulled on a pair of shorts I had nearby and went to the front door, pulled it open and there was our next-door neighbor, Erin. Now, I need to explain Erin. I've told you that I live in a very exclusive development full of professional people. Erin's husband is a thoracic surgeon, like my father in that he's married to a much younger woman, and Erin is gorgeous. She's about my height, curly platinum blond hair, a figure that most Playmates would love to have, beautifully-tanned, just stunning. Growing up, if it wasn't my stepmother fueling my masturbation, it was Erin. She's even younger, twenty-seven, I think, and she and Cassie are great friends, both being in similar circumstances as trophy wives. "Hello, Casey, is your mom home?" "Sure, come on back, she's, um," then I remember that she was naked. "Uh, Mom, Erin's here, I'll bring her back," I called out and I took my time walking with her back to the kitchen. Thankfully, Cassie greeted her friend with a hug wearing a teeshirt of mine that had been there with my shorts that, thankfully, covered just below her pussy. "I'm all out of sunscreen, I knew you'd have some. It's just so nice today, I wanted to lay out for a while." Cassie went out of the kitchen to get the sunscreen and I looked Erin over from top to bottom. She was wearing an impossibly small, white thong bikini which told me that her nipples must be rather small. Otherwise they would have shown. And the front of the thong actually was embedded in her pussy, only a little of it showed. I had moved aside when we got to the kitchen and followed her so I could observe the back string of the thong she was wearing disappear in her butt crack to give the impression that her ass was naked. She had to know how she looked and it was the hottest. Mom came back with the bottle, then Erin asked, "Could Casey come over and clean the pool, that storm last night blew a lot of leaves in, there's twenty bucks in it for him." My stepmom looked at me as I was eagerly nodding my head up and down, not wanting to lose sight of this beautiful goddess, only about ten years older than me. So, I followed that perfectly lovely ass back over to her pool, got the vacuum wand out and net and went to work as Erin came out from the house with a towel and sat on a chaise. "Casey, can you stop for a minute and come here, please?" I walked over and she handed me the bottle. "Would you put some on my back?" she asked as she lay down on her stomach. I knelt down, my shorts now impossibly tented-out with a massive erection caused by this stunning creature as I dribbled the creme on her back and moved my hand across spreading it around. Her skin was smoother than the granite counter in our kitchen, simply flawless. I was now afraid I'd shoot my wad right then and there. She was laying there, her head sideways facing me, resting on her arm, as she said, "You know, I saw you last Monday afternoon, back behind the hedge over there watching me as you jacked-off your cock." Omigod. I did do that, she had to have seen me. "It wasn't the first time you've done that, either, is it?" She reached back and pulled open the bra string, then, the bottom string and rolled over, beautifully naked. "Now you can see what you've wanted to see, Casey. And, can I see you?" she asked as she sat up and reached over to pull down my shorts. "Stand up, please, Casey," which I did. I was really in a rather shocked state, I had dreamed of seeing her naked but never, ever, thought it would happen. My hard, excited cock was right in her face as I watched her pretty hand reach up and grip it, a drop of precum glinting in the late morning sun. Then her pretty pink lips parted and her tongue came out to lick the tip and take it into her mouth. The first suck had me groaning, I almost fainted it was so wonderful. Then, she lifted her mouth up and said, "You can finish with the lotion," and I poured some in my hands and went over her firm breasts, shoulders, stomach, then knelt as she opened her legs to the most beautiful pussy I'd ever seen. Plump and lush and smooth. I slathered the lotion on her pussy and hips and down her legs as she fondled my cock. "You know, I spy on you, too, Casey. I can see your bathroom window from my dressing room and, while I can't see all of you, I've dreamed about this nice cock of your's fucking me. Girls masturbate, too, you know." She was sitting on the chaise and I moved between her legs, looking her in the eyes, as I lifted each leg to put them over my shoulders, then dipped down to begin tasting her luscious pussy. At least I now had lots of sexual experience to draw from, the many sucks and fucks with my stepmom. And, I loved eating her pussy so I dove between Erin's legs and began devouring her hungrily. I spread her open and tongued up into her vaginal opening, something Cassie adored when I did it to her. "Oh, Casey, you've been practicing on someone, oh, you're really good." I looked up at her, my face gleaming with her juices, then spread her upper labia and licked around her risen clit over and over as I slid two fingers inside her and began fucking her with them. "Mmm, you do know your way around a woman's pussy. Oh, yes, mmm, yes, right there, do it right there…UUMH, UUMH, UH, uh, uh, mmm, oh, so good, don't stop, give me more, oh, yes, more, oh, your tongue, oh, mmm," she moaned as she slumped sideways onto the chaise as I kept my tongue firmly on target. She reached down to stroke my cheeks, "Oh, Casey, that was wonderful. You are such a wonder," and she stood up, pulled me up along side her and gave me a kiss, grinding her pelvic mound all over my hard cock; it was the most phenomenal kiss of my life. It was as if all her sexual hunger had been unleashed on me, me, her sixteen-year old neighbor kid. Wow. Then she pulled me to the ground as she got down on the grass, spreading open, guiding my cock to her wet, eager slit, and I pushed into her going all the way up inside. Oh, she was everything I had dreamed of all those nights that I jacked-off dreaming about her. I could hardly restrain myself from fucking her fast and made myself keep it slow and deep, trying to last so I could get her off. I had just fucked my stepmother about an hour before and, as I said earlier, my semen level had been kept low for weeks and weeks already. "Oh, you feel so good, I've dreamed of this so often." "Mmm, me, too, Casey. I've watched you grow up and when I saw you masturbating, I just knew I wanted this." "I can't believe this is really happening, you are so beautiful." "Mmm, keep pushing deep like that, it really feels good." She had wrapped her legs up around my back and began meeting my thrusts with her own. "Mmm, look, Casey, we've got an audience," and she tipped her head sideways. I looked over and there was my stepmom, Cassie, naked, sitting on the edge of a chair, legs splayed, fingering herself as she watched me fuck her next door neighbor and best friend. "Come join us, Cassie, your stepson has been entertaining me quite wonderfully," and with that, she rolled me over, never letting my cock out of her, now up over me, hardly missing a beat as she rocked up and down. My stepmom stood over me, then squatted down bringing her pussy, wet and dripping with her heightened arousal from watching us as she masturbated, and began rubbing her wet vulva all over my face. Two beautiful pussies engulfing me in ecstasy, it was truly unbelievable that this had all come about. It wasn't long until we had, all three, wonderful orgasms and spread out together on the warm grass, one stunning woman on each side of me, hands everywhere, oh, I was in heaven. "I have a confession to make, Casey," my stepmom whispered softly. "Your father and I haven't had sex in a number of years. And, well, Erin and her husband haven't either. They're both busy and, well, just not much interested any more. We've both been friends for a long time, ever since Erin moved in, and we've talked a lot about how lonely we've both been." "Yeah, your mom and I have really been in the same boat, young enough that we're sure not ready to give up sex but not really wanting to risk having affairs and losing all this," Erin added. "So, months ago, Erin had told me you were masturbating looking at her across the hedge when she was out at the pool, you'd just turned sixteen, and she asked me what I thought about you? Seducing you?" "I did, I asked Cassie, well, what about us fucking Casey? She said she'd seen you a few times when you were masturbating as well, and that she liked what she saw. You have a naughty stepmom, you know." "Oh, do I know. I sure know now." "So we schemed the whole thing. We let Cassie start it all, give you a month or so to get some experience, then, well, Casey, today was a set-up to get you to fuck me, I hope you're okay with that?" She was smiling at me so she was sure I wouldn't tell her that I was upset with their scheming plans. Oh, no, I couldn't squeeze out a bit more happiness over their wonderful seduction of me. "I really think I've died and gone to heaven. Look at the two of you, oh, what sixteen-year old guy would ever have two beauties like you?" "Isn't my son sweet?" Cassie said and they both began kissing my face and rubbing me all over with their hands. I just lay there in ecstasy. "Come on, Cassie, let's have Casey choose who he wants to fuck next," and Erin got up on her hands and knees facing away from me as my stepmom did the same. They're both looking back at me over their shoulders, their pussy's gleaming in the afternoon sun from between their thighs, oh, if only I had two dicks. "Well, Mom, since Erin is new and all, I hope you don't mind," and I crawled over to her and pushed into her and began fucking her as she swirled her hips around in a circle. There was cum already running down her legs and I was soon to add more to it. But not before I got Erin off. After that, it was really getting hot outside so we went up to Erin's bedroom. They laid me out and took turns sucking me as I groped for every breast I could reach. I was soon hard again, those pills do work, yes, even with a sixteen-year old, and was up behind Cassie giving her what she wanted. Then, after that, as I was laying there, spent, just exhausted, Erin gave me a blowjob that rattled me thoroughly. We all took a nice nap and I ended up fucking Erin once more. Her husband, the doctor, was due home that evening so my stepmom and I went home and, after dinner, went to bed early to cuddle and fuck some more. That week while my father was traveling was spent fucking Erin and Cassie as much as I was capable of doing, even with the cock-boosters that my stepmom gave me. These two kept my dick drained the entire time, they were just ferociously hungry for sex with me and never left me alone at any time, not that I minded, remember, I was sixteen. Whenever my father travelled, which was fairly frequent, I slept with my stepmom. On the occasions when Erin's husband was out of town, I went next door and slept with her, Mom always covered for me with Dad telling him I was at a friend's house. Well, it was true. I'm now eighteen, just graduated from high school, headed for college in the fall, still fucking Erin and my stepmom every day. I've decided to go to a local college so I could live at home. The benefits are just too great, you don't blame me, do you?

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