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by John YoungHe finished tightening the laces on her corset. It was tight, very tight. He stepped around in front of her. “Give me your hands.”Stephanie looked at him. There was a slight smile playing around the edge of his lips. Without thinking she put her hands out and he tied them together with a length of the white cotton rope. She felt herself blushing. He stepped forward and kissed her. Her hands, bound in front of her pressed against his crotch. She could feel his cock, hard as a rock through the denim. He stepped around behind her and put his hands on her hips, kissing and biting her neck, his hands traveling up her body to cup her breasts. She sighed. She felt encased in the corset, cut off a bit, she needed the touch of his hands, his caress. He took her wrists and brought them over her head to the back of her head, and started winding the end of the rope around her neck. That, she didn’t like, it wasn’t too tight or choking but she didn’t like the feel. She started to struggle. “I don’t like that, it’s too much,” she said. But holding onto the rope, she felt his arm go around her waist and he carried her over to the desk, wedging her against it with his body. He bent her over it and leaned down to kiss her on the back of the neck, her shoulders. He took her fingers into his mouth. She could feel his cock pressing between her cheeks and he whispered. “Shh, relax, it’s OK, like I said if you want to stop, and leave, you can, any time. Relax. You like being tied up, even though, no, because, you feel a little scared, helpless. Relax and let me finish.”With that, he started winding the rope around her neck again, and though she struggled, she didn’t say anything, and after a moment he tied the rope off and backed away from her.It now formed a collar, holding her head up and straight, rings of rope from her shoulders to her jaw. She straightened up, turned to him, eyes down. “You like me like this?” Her arms stretched back behind her head pulled her breasts up, she could see her tiny nipples edging above the half cups of the corset. His hand cupped her chin and he lifted her face to look into her eyes. “You are beautiful. Yes I like you like this.” He ran his thumb across her lips and then dipped it into her mouth. She took it greedily, sucking and licking it, her eyes on his. Smiling, he kissed her, took a leather leash from the desk and clipped it onto the rope around her neck. He took her by the waist, lead her over to a upholstered footstool, and pushed her down on her knees in front of it. So this was it, she thought. She barely knew him, friend of friends. Talking at a party the night before, casually, he’d made her laugh. She’d been a little drunk and a little stoned. They went out on the back porch and he’d kissed her there, over her protests that someone might see them. He’d put a finger over her lips, laughed softly. “If you don’t want to kiss me, say that. But nobody’s out here, and if someone comes, we can stop. They won’t care.” So she’d kissed him and he took her wrists and crossed them behind her back and taking one in each hand had pulled her to him. His hands were like iron on her wrists and she started to protest but he devoured her words with his mouth and after a moment she relaxed, welcomed his lips and his tongue, the warmth of his body, the feel of his hard cock against her stomach. The kiss seemed to go on forever. When it stopped, he let her go, stepped behind her and put his hands on her hips, drawing her back to him. Her head was swimming a little, the kiss, wine, a little weed, the music drifting out from the party. She opened her eyes and saw through a window some people gathered around a computer screen. He was kissing her neck, his arms around her, his hands on her breasts. She felt good, it had been a while. A guy sitting in front of the computer clicked on a window and her eyes widened when a video started. A woman, in a black bustier was bent over, bare assed, her arms tied up behind her back with a rope tied off on the ceiling somewhere, her legs spread and her ankles tied to rings on the floor. There was a steel ring in her mouth held there with a leather band around her head. A man walked into the scene, and took the girl by her long dark hair in one hand and pulled his cock out with the other and plunged it into the girl’s mouth. She drew in her breath. She’d seen porn, of course, even liked it. But it was strange seeing it now, aroused, with this guy’s hands on her breasts kissing her her neck. This guy she didn’t even know. She felt him look up, heard him laugh shortly. She tried to turn away, but he wrapped his arms around her, held her where she was.“Well, look at that. What do you think of that,” he whispered. “I don’t know, I’m not really into that kind of thing,” she managed to say. His hands started wandering around her body, not letting her go. One slipped into her shirt and caressed her breast, a calloused finger on her nipple, the other went down, cupping her mound. On screen the man pulled out of the girls mouth, she was saying something. Stephanie couldn’t look away, could feel his hands on her, after the kiss and the caresses, watching this on the dark porch, his hands bringing her on. In the video the guy plunged into the girl’s pussy, to the hilt in one long stroke, and reached around and began caressing the girl, too. The girl writhed and her lips moved and after a few minutes she came, her hands bunching into fists, her back arching and humping. She could see the others in room, lit up by the computer screen. One guy, a friend of the girl Stephanie had come to the party with was showing the unmistakable signs of a raging hard-on. He shifted a bit, trying to get himself untwisted inside his pants, he stepped back, and she saw that her friend Jen was in the room, too, standing next to him. She watched as Jen glanced down away from the video, noticed the guy’s problem, and without saying a word, reached over, unzipped him and took his cock in her hand. The guy leaned back against a chest of drawers, his breathing quickened as he watched the woman being fucked onscreen while Jen caressed his cock silently in the flickering light. The slut, the shameless slut. Stepanie so did not want to see this, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the scene in the window. The hand on her pussy, in up under her short skirt had stepped up, and she could feel the burning in her belly start, the other hand on her breast was pinching and pulling her nipple and sending electric shocks up and down her spine, between that back part of her brain and her cunt. His arms around her, she could feel his cock pulsing on her ass. The guy on screen pulled out of the girl’s pussy and lubed up and slowly forced the girl’s ass. Her face was a mask of tears and drool and she screamed as the guy pushed into her inch by inch. It was too much, Stephanie struggled, whispered, “no, somebody is going to come and catch us,” but he held her tight, whispered, “No, say ‘I don’t want this’ if you don’t, but nobody is going to come, we will hear them and stop if they do, and even if they catch us, who cares really? It’s a college party, what nobody ever got caught kissing at a college party?” His hands didn’t let up and after a few moments she knew she was going to come. When the first tremors hit, he put his hand over her mouth and held her to him and she came and came.As she was coming down, limp, he whispered, “look, that’s your friend going.” Stephanie focused back in the room and saw the guy pulling Jen out of the room. His arms still around her, he whispered, “Listen Chris is going to take her to his room. Let’s go see what we can see.”She started to say no, but he had taken her hand and was pulling her down the steps and into the side yard, her mind still fuzzy from the orgasm. They went around the side of the house and back behind a thick, low stone wall screened from the street by a big hedge he came up behind her again. Through the window Jen was kissing the guy, Chris, as he slowly unbuttoned and took off her shirt. She was wearing a lacy black silk top. She went to get down on her knees, but he held her up, and sliding the straps down over her shoulders, revealing her heavy breasts, he took her nipple into his mouth as he pulled off his belt. Stephanie saw her friend stiffen at the noise, heard her protest, as Chris spun her around and wrapped the belt around her wrists a couple of times and buckled it off. Stephanie, mesmerized by the scene playing out in front of her had almost forgotten she had her own man on her hands, and was brought back into her own body when he took her in his arms and she could feel his hard-on pressing into the small of her back. He leaned in and bit the lobe of her ear, just enough to hurt, and whispered, “Look at that. I knew he’d forget to close the blind. Can’t blame him really, girl like that in front of him to have any which way.” Stephanie felt his hands caressing her again, more insistently this time, everywhere on her body. In the room the guy picked up Jen, her hands bound now, and tossed her on the bed. Her breasts moving as she rolled over to watch him lock the door and take off his shirt and pants. Christ he was hung, she thought with a twinge low in her belly. She felt the guy’s finger enter her, hook around inside her and start caressing her g-spot. The stones of the wall against her legs, the guy’s fingers in her snatch, the noise of the party going on in the house, the cool night air and the crickets, the hard cock grinding into her ass. In the room Jen was laying still on the bed, her lace cambisol down around her elbows, her skirt turned around and bunched up at her hips. Her eyes were half shut, her lips parted, the guy was arched over her, his cock alternating between long slow strokes in her mouth and long slow strokes across her nipples as she lay there, bound, offered up to do what he wanted with that monster cock.The cock grinding into her ass was getting more insistent, and Stephanie could feel the burning building in her belly. This was all too fucked up she thought. Standing outside, watching her friend getting face and tit fucked, some guy she barely knew was just about to finger her off, and was certainly planning to bend her over this wall and do god knows what to her then. His fingers shifted to her clit and the burning climbed her spine and exploded in her head. The orgasm was so intense she had to bite her lip to keep from crying out. The guy held her until the wave passed and then she heard him whisper, “It’s my turn now sweatheart.” He pushed her down until she could feel the cold stone under her face and she heard his belt come off and he took her arms and she felt the leather wrapping around and around her wrists, pulled tight and buckled, binding her hands behind her back. Why? Who cared. In the bedroom Jen was getting drilled in the mouth now, Steph could see that the guy was getting close. The mattress was rocking and Jen’s breasts were swaying with the force of the thrusts. Steph felt her panties go, ripped off. For a moment, she could feel the night air on her pussy and ass, open, offered up, and then he drove his cock into her sopping pussy in one long thrust. Oh god yes. The guy was taking it nice and slow, stroking in and out of her, sighing when she clenched down on him. She normally liked to be a bit more involved, on top even, to ride out her pleasure at her own pace. But not today, bound and bent over a wall, watching her friend taking it in the mouth. He slowed still more, and bent over her to whisper in her ear.“Watch this, he’s getting close now.”Chris pulled out of Jen’s mouth and moving down on her, plunged into her pussy. She cried out, and wrapping her legs around the back of his thighs, pulled him into her and held him there. They were looking into each other’s eyes, barely moving, kind of grinding together and then her eyes closed and her head laid back and Steph could see her coming, her legs quivering around his a soft hoarse cry, and then Chris pounding his own cum out into her and collapsing onto her. They lay like that for a while, a little cum dribbling out of her and then Chris slid himself out and w
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ent over to the closet and took out a thick rope. Jen, feeling the rope wrapping around an ankle, started to struggle but he tied it off to a bedpost and then grabbing the other ankle, flipped her over onto her stomach. She cursed him and fought but he tied the other ankle off to the other bed post and climbed on between her legs, his cock hard again sticking out like a gargoyle, some obscene satyr’s tool. The ropes were slack and Jen was twisting and kicking as Chris crawled on the bed toward herThe guy was slowly working Steph, fucking her gently, enjoying every second. Watching the scene in front of her, she stiffened and he whispered to her again. “They do this sometimes, one time when she was wasted, Jen told me she loves being tossed around like that, being tied with her legs spread, helpless, waiting for him to take her. But she figures he should have to work for it at least a bit.”Steph watched as Chris entered Jen from behind, watched him pump her a couple of times, watched Jen burry her face in the pillow, straining briefly at the ropes that bound her. Chris pulled out and putting the head of his cock to her ass, slowly started to push in.The guy whispered again, “Watch, she told me she loves this part.”Jen’s head came off the pillow and her eyes opened and Chris, leaning forward onto her clamped his hand over her mouth. She fought and bucked her hips, carrying them both up the bed until the ropes were taught and her legs stretched wide and straight and she had no more room to struggle. The giant cock buried itself into her and she gradually relaxed and Chris, moving in and out of her, bent over her and raised her face to him and they kissed, devouring each other. The guy fucking Steph was also clearly enjoying both her and the show, and she felt him speeding up, felt the cool stone against her thighs as he pounded into her and then he bent over and took her face in his hand and kissed her. “I want to see your face, watch your eyes as I come.” And he did just a few seconds later. She felt his motion get jerky and then his dick swell in her and then watched his face change, his mouth twist into a grimace and his eyes narrow and the warm flood bursting inside her snatch. She wanted to touch herself, she was right on the edge, but the belt around her wrists was like an iron band and she felt his orgasm ebb and then he pulled out of her and the moment passed, mostly. She heard him do up his pants, and then he lifted her up, embraced her from behind. Kissed her neck. “Ah, looks like Chris is about to cum, too,” he said and they watched as he pulled himself up on his hands and drove relentlessly into the bound girl, watched her ass jiggling a bit as he pounded into her and then the flood of cum as his head went back and his face twisted up, a silent flood of obscenities flooding from his mouth. “Come to my place tomorrow afternoon, and we will do that. Stephanie, I would like to have you that way. Think about it tonight, and then tomorrow put on something sexy, a corset and garters if you have one, and come to me.” She felt him taking something out of his wallet and then he slipped a card into her bra. He unbuckled the belt around her arms and stepped around in front of her and kissed her briefly.She opened her mouth to say something, to protest, but he just kissed her again and then walked off into the darkness. So now here she was. In his loft, half naked on her knees. Fuck what a day. He pulled her down over the cushioned ottoman, and brought the leash back underneath it, tying her knees to the stool’s legs. She had thought about it, all night, and decided to call the guy and tell him no, thanks. But he was a nice guy, and she had enjoyed the sex, maybe ask him out to lunch? And then she had rummaged in her closet and found the white corset she’d worn to her friend’s wedding and put it on with the garters and the stockings and driven over to his place and offered herself up like a ripe peach to be eaten. The upholstry felt rough on her nipples, pinched them between the fabric and the cups of her corset. She couldn’t move, bound there, the corset and the ropes like iron on her, her bear ass and pussy up in the air. Fuck, what was she doing here she asked herself.She heard him take a book off the shelf and come over to her. WTF was he doing. “Listen, what the fuck are you doing with a book?”He held it up for her to see.She started, she knew the book. Black cover, one letter. O. He took an antique wooden stand off his desk and put it down on the floor in front of her. Opening the book to the first page, “Read it aloud” he said. Her lover one day takes O for a walk in a section of the city where they never go - the Montsouris Park. After they have taken a stroll in the park, and have sat together side by side on the edge of a lawn, they notice, at one corner of the park, at an intersection where there are never any taxis, a car which, because of its meter, resembles a taxi. "Get in," he says. Stephanie read, the story she knew of the debauchery of a young woman unfolded as the words came out of her mouth. The guy walked around the loft, sipping his wine, commenting now and then, giving her sips of wine, a little smoke once, turning the pages as she finished them. She read, immersed in the words and the place, and the book had it’s intended effect on her. She could feel her pussy getting warm, wanted to touch herself. The passages where the women prepare O for the evening brought her back into her own body. She remembered getting ready earlier, naked in her room, putting on the corset and the garters, the delicious feel of the stockings sliding up her freshly shaven legs. The guy’s hands on her body, brusk, tightening the laces on the corset. The feel of the ropes binding her hands, twining around her neck to form the collar. The feel of the fabric on the ottoman, rough on her nipples. Fuck, she needed his cock in her. Then they made O get up and were on the verge of untying her, probably in order to attach her to some pole or wall, when someone protested that he wanted to take her first, right there on the spot. She read, feeling him come up behind her. She heard the sound of a zipper and paused as she felt his cock start to slip inside her. A stinging slap on her ass wrenched a cry from her mouth. “Keep reading. Don’t stop.” So she read as she felt him push into her into the core of her belly, slowly.So they made her kneel down again, this time with her bust on an ottoman, her hands still tied behind her, with her hips higher than her torso. He was in and moving, slowly fucking her as she read. No reach around this time. Just taking it. The book had always repulsed her, but turned her on at the same time. She kept it behind a line of other books on her shelf. Took it out sometimes when nothing else was working.Then one of the men, holding her with both his hands on her hips, plunged into her belly. She noticed something out of the corner of her eye. A mirror tilted against the wall. She could see herself in it, see him fucking her. The ropes around her wrists and her neck, the long curve of her body in the corset, the way her ass moved, the trace of baby fat wiggling obscenely as he pounded her. Her eyes staring at herself as she lay there, bound to the stool, O open in front of her.Thwak, another stinging slap on her ass. “Read, keep reading. Don’t be looking in the mirror.He yielded to a second. She read aloud, her voice becoming increasingly strained. The third wanted to force his way into the narrower passage and, driving hard, made her scream. “Ah, yes,” he said, “We will get to that in a moment.” When he let her go, sobbing and befouled by tears beneath her blindfold, she slipped to the floor, only to feel someone's knees against her face, and she realized that her mouth was not to be spared. He pulled out of her, walked around in front of her, and after she read, Finally they let her go, a captive clothed in tawdry finery, lying on her back in front of the fire, he took her by the hair and pushed his cock into her mouth. She couldn’t move really, but tried her best to please him as he slowly fucked her face. Out of the corner of her eye she could see them in the mirror. The long cock moving in and out of her mouth, the tops of her breasts crushed against the stool, the white ropes around her wrists and neck. She felt her empty pussy, and her little ring clenched at the thought of having his cock invade it. It would hurt, but suddenly she wanted it, to feel what it was like. She could feel that he was getting close. His thrusts were getting stronger and the head of his cock was going down her throat. And then he stopped and went behind her and she raised her ass to take him into her pussy again and he came almost immediately, a long hoarse moan torn from his chest. He fell down on her back, breathing heavily. She could feel his cock softening inside her, his cum dripping down her thigh. She felt his hand go between her legs. His thumb slipped inside her, and his finger, finding her swollen clit, brought her off after just a few moments. She had been waiting for it for what seemed like hours, and it crashed through her, pinned under him on the cushion, a molten bolt moving from her clit to her nipples pinched between the cups of the corset and the fabric on the stool to explode in the back of her head. Getting up, he gave her a sip of wine, and picked up the book, leafing through the pages for a moment before setting it down in front of her on the stand. He told her to read, and she did, of the first time with Sir Stephan.With that, she felt a strange inexplicable storm of revolt rising within her, silently denying in the depths of her being the words she was hearing, denying her promises of submission and slavery, denying her own agreement, her own desire, her nakedness, her sweat, her trembling limbs, the circles under her eyes. She struggled and clenched her teeth with rage when, having made her bend over, with her elbows on the floor and her head between her arms, her buttocks raised, he forced her from behind, to rend her as René had said he would. He set his glass down and kneeled behind her and entered her dripping snatch. Pulling out and smearing his cum on her tiny cherry ring. The warm goo made her clench. God just fuck me there. She wanted it badly now, that filthy disgusting act. His cock in her ass, taking his pleasure there. As she read of O being rent, she felt he head of his cock enter her ass. Just the head pushing through the impossibly tight ring and the burning pain of the violation. Her head was swimming from the wine and the smoke and the orgasms and she welcomed the pain, would have pushed back to impale herself on the cock if she could have moved, had she not been bound to the stool. She whimpered as he pulled out of her, and felt again a stinging slap and an order to keep reading. The first time she did not cry out. He went at it again, harder now, and she screamed. She screamed as much out of revolt as of pain, and he was fully aware of it. She also knew - which meant that in any event she was vanquished - that he was pleased to make her cry out.It was impossible to concentrate, but she focused on the words as she felt him enter her again. Again the burning pain and this time, she felt one hand on her hip and a second on her bound wrists and he pulled himself into her in one long tearing burning stroke that made her gasp, wrung tears from her eyes. She wanted to fight, to turn away, to push herself still farther onto this cruel shaft invading her. She thought of Jen the night before, struggling and twisting and kicking until the ropes around her ankles had tightened, spreading her legs until she could no longer move and the long slow stroke with which Chris had crammed his monster cock into her ass. But now it was her turn and the guy was slowly fucking her, taking this nasty perverse pleasure in her as the men had done O in that nasty perverse book. God she loved it and when he paused, in her to the hilt and reached around her, she came again in moments, the pleasure washing over her as she felt him start fucking her again, plunging again and again until she felt the familiar warm flow in that unfamiliar place and he collapsed again onto her back with a groan.

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