Futai at the office with a super sex secretary

Futai at the office with a super sex secretary

“Chase, I really want to fuck you.” To put it simply my little sister Caylee is a slut. She has fucked most of the guys in her high school class and half the girls. I know that for a fact, because she tells me everything. She always has, ever since she was a little girl. But this is a bit over the top. I’m staring at Caylee. She is six years younger then me. Our birthdays are only off by about a week. I’ve always looked after her, and protected her, and now she is telling me she wants to fuck me. “Chase I’m totally serious. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to fuck you. Well I guess since you graduated from college. You were just so hot and so mature.” “Oh.” I’m still stunned. I just stare at her. I don’t know what to say. She’s my little sister. I’m supposed to protect her. I’ve had some thoughts about her of course, but they were only ever fleeting, and mostly because she is very, very sexy. She has a heart shaped face, full lips and a cute button of a nose. Her hair is a dark red and her eyes are a beautiful pale green. There is a smattering of freckles across her cheeks and nose. She is about 5 foot 7 inches and weighs around 125 pounds. She has long legs and wonderful tight ass. Her breasts are a pair of fantastic 34D’s. “Please talk to me Chase. I know it's wrong, but I can’t help it. I just thought that this trip would be a great time to tell you.” I continue to sit staring at my hands unsure what to say. I look around me at the airport restaurant we are sitting in. Because our birthdays are so close together our parents have given us one big trip. They’re sending us to Dubrovnik, Croatia. I have been there before with an ex girlfriend and I really want to go back. Caylee has heard my stories and she wants go there as well, so our parents thought it would be a great birthday gift. We are going to be staying on a different island then I have before, and we will be there for two weeks. Two weeks of sun and beaches and wine and fun. Now my sister is telling me this. I had dreamt of some sort of romance happening, but certainly not with my baby sister. “Please talk to me. Even if you don’t want to, I just needed to say it. I don’t really know if I’m in love with, but I do know I want to have sex with you.” “Um, ok, Caylee. Thanks for telling me. I’m going to have to think about this.” We are sitting in the airport in Washington D.C. waiting for our connecting flight to Vienna then to Dubrovnik. We are sitting in a fairly private booth in one of the airport restaurants. “I know it’s a bit of surprise for you, but I’ve always wanted you. I don’t think I can go on not at least knowing what it would be like to be with you.” I nod and take a large swallow of my beer. I’m not saying anything, because my brain if frozen. I take a large bite of my burger. She looks down and starts to eat as well. We continue to eat in silence. Caylee bolts down her food and stands and says, “I need to go to the bathroom,” and leaves. I sit quietly and finish my beer and pay the check. She has taken her purse and her backpack with her. I pick up my bag and start to look for her. I find her sitting at the gate. She’s been crying. I sit next to her. “What are you crying about little one?” She looks at me with her tear stained face, “I’ve fucked it all up. I have the best brother in the world and now I’ve just destroyed my relationship with him. I’m such a stupid bitch.” I laugh at that, “You’re not a stupid bitch, and you haven’t fucked anything up. I’m just a bit confused is all. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this whole idea. I’m not mad at you.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah I’m sure.” “You’re just the best guy I know, and you’re hot. I just want you to have the best.” “Oh and you’re the best are you?” “No, but I still want you, because I want the best, and you’re the best.” Now I’m really laughing. “ Caylee I’m far from the best. Just ask any one of my ex’s. And you are great Caylee. You’re the best little sister a guy could have. Maybe a bit annoying, but you are a little sister so you’re allowed to be.” Finally she is smiling, “Thanks, you’ve always been great at making me feel better.” “I’ve got to ask, how did this come up? When did this all start?” She shrugs. “Since your graduation. I saw you up there and you were like this big strong mature guy. Then I started having sex dreams about you. It freaked my out a bit at first, then I just sort of decided screw it. I like them and I like you. I guess a lot of girls get crushes on their big brothers." I’m watching her closely. Despite my unease with the situation, I’m rather fascinated by all this. I have always enjoyed her stories of sex, but she has never been very explicit with them, and I have never wanted her to be, but now I’m very curious. “So I thought that as I looked more at the boys around me and started doing stuff with them I that you would leave my dreams, but you never did. I still have supper intense dreams about you, and I fantasize about you when I masturbate.” “Oh, well that’s good to know.” A lady looks up at us. She must have just heard my sister say masturbate and now she is eyeing us with more then a little distaste. Not because she knows our relationship, but because, I’m assuming, she doesn’t like the idea of people having “sexy talk” in a crowded airport terminal. “I even spied on you and Shantel a bunch the summer before you went to grad school.” I blink at that and say “Really? I can't belive we didn't notice, or realize” “I know, it was so hot watching you two together. You are both so sexy. I thought about it all the time. I really wanted to have a threesome with you guys. And then when Hannah told me you were with her I just about lost it.” Hannah is a girl a few years older then Caylee, who I had met at a university tour during my senior year of my undergrad, and I had hooked up with a few times, then again when I was home for the summer before going to grad school. “Why is that?” I ask, although I can guess that answer. “At the same time you were busy fucking Hannah’s brains out, she was teaching me how to really please a woman. She was one of my seniors at school.” I grin at that. “So you’re saying we have shared a woman?” “Yeah that’s exactly what I’m saying.” I chuckle at that. “Well I still need to think about all of this. How about we go find some ice cream and cheer you up a bit.” She smiles again and says, “Yeah sure that sounds great.” We walk down to where there is a Ben & Jerry’s shop and each get ice cream. We sit eating and start to talk about what we will do while we are there. I tell her we should try and go shopping for food when we first arrive so that we can cook at the place we are staying. I’ve stayed in the kind of place we are staying and it is like staying in a studio apartment instead of a hotel. We will have our own kitchen and according to the site, for this particular place, a balcony and a nice view. Also we will be after the tourist season, but the water will still be warm enough to swim in. We go into one of the shops and buy some snacks for the plane and Caylee buys a new book to read on the plane. She has a couple in her suitcase, but she finished the one she has out on the last flight, and now she needs a new one. I frown slightly at her choice of reading, but she is a 17-year-old girl and they aren’t known for having the best taste in books. Soon its time to get on the plane. We find our seats stash our stuff and sit down. The good thing is it’s an international flight so we will have free movies to watch. We both sit and get out our books and start reading. Caylee has the window seat and I’m in the middle of the row. I know she will fall asleep, but I can never sleep on planes. That time alone will give me a chance to think about what she had told me, and hopefully come to grips with it. As I thought we aren’t in the air for more then 30 minutes and Caylee falls asleep. I put on my headphones and start to look through the movies. I choose one and sit back watching. But I’m not really paying any attention to what is happening on the screen. I’m thinking about Caylee. She is truly one of the sexiest girls I know, or have ever known for that matter. The thought that we shared a girl is a huge turn on as well. I look over at her. Even dressed down for our long day flying she looks sexy. Damn, I shouldn’t be thinking of my little sister this way. On the other hand though she thinks of me that way, so why shouldn’t I think about her too. I realize with a start, that I have thought about her that way, ever since she hit puberty. I have always felt so guilty about it that I’ve done my best to block it out, but I do think about it. It is a fantasy of mine. Maybe I should, just for these two weeks, forget she is my sister and just let it happen. I look over at her again. I lean back in my chair. Damn it, I do want her. I want her more then I have wanted any woman ever. But there need to be rules. Maybe these two weeks we could have fun and get it out of our systems and that would be it. Then and there I make my decision. I will wait to tell Caylee, until we land in Vienna. I smile to myself and look over at her again and lean back and watch the movie. * * * * * We feel the wheels of the plane land on the runway in Vienna. I look over at Caylee grinning and say, “We’ve made it we are in Europe.” She grins back excitedly. “Yeah and now we only have a 2 hour lay over and a 90 minute flight and we will be in Croatia.” Since we are going on to another destination, we don’t have to go through customs, which is great. I hate going through customs anywhere, although I have found it is a bit easier to deal with in Europe. We walk through the airport and find our gate. Then we start to walk through the airport and look at all the shops. I pull Caylee to the side in a quite corner of one of the shops. I look at her seriously and say, “So I’ve thought a lot about what you said while you were asleep.” She looks at me nervously and I continue, “And I want you too, and if this is going to happen this is the best time for it.” She squeals and hugs me hard. “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. You’ve given me the best birthday present ever.” I stop her and hold her at arms length. “Now we have to set some rules. First this happens only on this trip, nowhere else. We don’t do it when we get home, we don’t even discuss it, unless we are alone. We are just doing this to get it out of our systems. Second, we have to be very safe.“ She cuts me off abruptly, “I’m on the pill, because I’m certainly not using condoms with you. This is to special for that.” I look at her and say, “Ok then if you are safe then no worries. We will be fine. Other then that I think that we should let or minds run wild. We can’t shock each other too much. I mean we will be committing incest.” She laughs and says, “I’m so excited about this.” Then she kisses me hard on the lips. Our tongues slid over each other. It is the best kiss I have ever had. She is an incredible kisser. We break apart. She leans in for another, but I stop her. “Lets save it all for Croatia. You aren’t getting another kiss until we are through customs in Dubrovnik.” She grins and says, “Ok if you can wait that long.” With that she turns and walks away from me, her hips swaying seductively. Damn this is going to be hard. I steel myself for the last leg of the journey. * * * * * The plane touches down in Dubrovnik a few hours later. I have to admit that I did break down on the flight and kiss Caylee a few times. Ok more than just a few times, but it was worth it. Now we stand in the line to get our passports stamped and we are holding hands. We are generally acting like newly weds. We get our passports stamped then we stop at the baggage claim and pick up our luggage then we go exchange our money. We walk together out to the bus that will drop us off at the Old City. It’s not a long drive but it is a beautiful one. We cuddle on the bus and kiss some, but mostly we are both to excited looking at the scenery. We get off the bus at the Old City of Dubrovnik, and I tell Caylee the way to get to the dock for the ferry and where we will stop for groceries. We walk quickly enjoying the sunshine and the warmth. We get to the top of the hill and stop at the small park at the top of the hill. We can see out over the beautiful clear water of the small bay and the twisted green pines. Caylee makes me stop and we sit on the benches for a while. “God, this place is beautiful,” she says. “Yes, almost as beautiful as my sister.” I grin at her and lean over and kiss her. Our tongues slide over each other. I slide my hand up over her breast. I squeeze them through her low cut t-shirt and bra. She moans into my mouth. “God, this feels good Chase” “Yeah, it does. Lets hurry up and get to our apartment.” “Mmm, I want to fuck you now.” I stand up suddenly and grab my bag. “Come on then, lets get a move on.” She jumps up and rushe
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s after me. We walk down the hill, until I spot the grocery store. I point and say, “We need to get some groceries.” She groans and says, “Can’t we just go there already.” I look at my watch and say, “We might as well go shopping, because the ferry won’t arrive for another 30 minutes.” We go into the grocery and have fun getting things we like. I pick out four bottles of good local wine, several beers, and a bottle of local brandy. We make sure to get lots of local things, like the local olive oil, which is amazing and a big loaf of bread from the bakery. 20 minutes later we are on our way to the ferry dock. We get to the ticket office just as the ferry is coming into sight. I buy us two tickets and we make our way to the ferry and get on and go up to the open back deck. We sit together and kiss as the ferry pulls out. “It is really truly beautiful, isn’t it?” Caylee says. “Indeed it is m’lady.” I kiss her again hard, my hands running over her body. She reaches down and grabs my cock through my pants. It’s the first time she had touched my cock. I run my hand down over her crotch, then up over her tits. I slid my hand under her shirt. I squeeze her tits through her bra. She undoes my belt and my fly and her hand slides into my boxers. I feel her soft hand on my cock as she gently strokes it. I look up and see someone approaching. “Stop, stop,” I whisper into her ear, “there is someone coming.” She pulls away reluctantly, and I try to discreetly do up my fly and belt. “I guess we will just have to settle for kissing until we get there,” she says. I laugh and grin. “Yeah I guess so,” and I kiss her. It takes nearly an hour to get to the island we are staying on. We get off the ferry and we meet our host and her daughter. The host owns the apartment we are staying at, although she and her daughter live in a house in a little ways away. Our host is a good-looking lady in her late 30’s with dark brown, shoulder length hair and brown eyes. Her daughter is beautiful with the same color hair and eyes and looks to be about 16. They walk us up to the apartment and give us a hand with our bags. The apartment is actually a small house that was slightly away from the main village, above their house about 200 yards and screened by trees, but it has a balcony with an amazing view of the bay, the village, and the Adriatic sea. Our host, whose name is Majia, and her daughter, Kritji, unlock the door and give us the key. Majia tells us to just knock on the door if we need any help. Then they say goodbye and leave. We go in and immediately drop all of our things and leap on each other like crazed animals. Caylee is pulling at my cloths when I stop her and say, “I want to watch you undress.” “Only if you go first.” “Ok.” I get up and remove first my shoes and socks, then my shirt, jeans and finally my boxers. I throw myself back on the bed and say, “Alright now it’s your turn.” My heart is pounding as my gorgeous little sister gets up and stands at the end of the bed. She takes off her shoes and socks, then she removes her shirt. I stare hungrily at her flat stomach and her big breasts encased in a black and pink lacey bra. She reaches behind her and undoes the clasp of her bra and lets it slid to the ground. Her breasts are amazing. They seem almost fake, but they are firm with small perfect nipples. “Oh wow. You have amazing tits Caylee.” She giggles and blushes, “Thanks, I’m glad you like them.” She undoes the belt on her jeans and takes it off then she turns around and bends over and teases me a bit. I can see her thong riding up out of her jeans. It matches her bra. Then she is undoing her pants and sliding them down off her legs. I stare at her perfect heart shaped ass. It is just the kind of ass I like. She steps out of her jeans and turns to face me. She slides off her thong and I stare at her perfect little pussy. It is totally bald. She stands there looking slightly nervous as if awaiting my approval. “You must be the most perfect girl in the world. I don’t think I have ever seen a girl as sexy as you are.” She giggles and blushes when I say that. “Come her and kiss me,” I say. She jumps on the bed and we are kissing. Our hands are exploring one another’s bodies. I grab her amazing tits and I kiss her nipples. I grab her perfect ass. She is grabbing my cock and squeezing it, and I slide my hand over her soaking wet pussy. I run my hand over her clit and slip a finger into her. She groans. “I want to taste you,” I say and I pull her pussy to my face and start to lick her clit and taste her sweet pussy. She turns and starts to suck my cock. I start to finger her while I lick her clit, and she loses it. She lets my cock out of her mouth and screams as she cums on my face. “Fuck me Chase. I need your cock inside me. I need you to fuck me.” I need no further encouragement and role her onto her back and get between her legs. I stare down into my sister’s eyes as she grabs my cock and slides into her wet willing pussy. It feels like I’m entering heaven. Her pussy is tight and soft around my cock. I start to thrust in and out of her. I fuck her like there is no tomorrow. She is screaming, “Yes, Chase fuck me hard. Fuck your slut of a sister hard. Make me cum. Fill me up with your hot cum.” I know I’m not going to last long. Not with a girl this hot, especially since I haven’t had sex in about six months. I’m going to cum hard too. I look into her eyes and say, “Caylee I’m going to cum soon.” “Do it. Fill me up. Cum for me brother, cum for me.” Then I’m cumming. It feels like I’m emptying every fluid in my body into her. I feel like I’m never going to stop. Finally my orgasm subsides. I collapse onto Caylee and kiss her gently on the lips. “Mmm that was great,” she says, “everything I have ever hoped for.” “I usually last longer, but I haven’t had sex in months.” “That’s ok, I’m sure you will last longer when we fuck after we have unpacked.” I laugh and agree with her. I role off her and lay on my back for a while, and she gets up and runs to the bathroom. A few minutes later she saunters back in. I stare at her beautiful naked body. I can’t believe how stunning she it. More over I can’t believe I was just inside her. She goes over and opens my suitcase and starts to unpack it. “Come on and help me unpack mister.” I grin and jump off the bed and open up her suitcase and start to take her cloths out and put them in the dresser, as she unpacks my things. “Damn you brought a lot of shit with you little sis.” She grins at me. “Yeah I have a hard time traveling light.” “I guess so.” I start pulling out her underwear. I have a huge panty fetish and looking and her sexy panties turns me on a bit. I look at each pair individually before putting it away. As I go through them I ask, “Did you bring anything other than thongs and g-strings?” “No I don’t even own any other kind of panties. Those are my favorites.” “Mmmm, I like them too, especially when you are wearing them.” She giggles and says, “Oh does my big brother have a panty fetish?” “Indeed I do.” I open a pocket and pull out a toiletry bag. I open it up and look in, and then I start to laugh. I dump it out on the bed. It has a vibrator, a dildo, a medium sized vibrating butt plug, a 2 bottles of lube and a bunch of condoms in it. “Planning on having some fun were we?” I ask. She blushes furiously and says, “I always take all that stuff with me. I actually always carry another vibrator, lube and like 6 condoms in my purse.” I laugh harder. “Damn I guess my sister really is a slut.” She smiles sheepishly at me. “Yeah I am a total slut. I have actually run out of condoms at a party before. Several times actually, and once at school.” I continue to laugh at the thought of her getting fucked so many times at school that she ran out of condoms, but it is really turning me on. Between the thought of that and her panties, I’m hard again. I grab her and kiss her hard. I pull her on top of me. I guide myself into her as we kiss. She rides me hard, sitting back and bouncing on my cock. I sit up and wrap my arms around her as she rides me. I grab her tits and suck on her nipples. She moans, “Fuck yes Chase suck my tits. That feels so fucking good. I love your mouth on my tits.” “I love your tits Caylee they are the best tits I’ve ever seen. I have ever sucked. Oh fuck. For a slut you have a really tight pussy sis.” “You have an amazing cock Chase. It feels so fucking good inside me.” “Tell me what is inside you.” “My brothers cock and it feels so fucking good. I love my brothers cock.” That does it. I can feel myself getting close. I reach a hand down between us and start to rub her clit franticly. That does it for her and she clamps down on my cock as she starts to cum. This in turn makes me start to cum as well. For the second time in an hour I’m filling my little sister with my cum. We flop back on the bed. This time she is lying on top of me. We lay that way for a long time until my cock wilts and falls out of her. I kiss her and say, “We need to put that food away.” She nods and roles off me. I get up and start to put away the groceries we have bought, as she finishes unpacking our bags. When we are both done we sit for a long moment the she gets up opens the door and goes and sits on the balcony. I stand up stretch and join her. We sit naked watching the sun set to the west over the Adriatic Sea. I reach over and take her hand. We sit like that for a long time, before I lean over and kiss her lightly. She moves over and sits on my lap as we make out then she slowly sinks to the ground and starts to clean my cock with her tongue. I lean back in the chair and run my hand through her hair. She licks and sucks my balls then she works up my shaft to the head. She runs her tongue around the head of my cock, before taking it into her mouth. She looks up at me as she slowly slides all of my cock into her mouth, deep throating me. She begins to bob her head up and down slowly. I start to thrust into her mouth face fucking her. Caylee seems to happily let me do it. Then I stand her up, turn her around, and bend her over the railing of the balcony. “Yes fuck me from behind Chase. Fuck me hard and fast.” I slid my cock into her wet willing pussy and start to pound away at her hard. I reach around and grab her tits and feel them bounce and sway in my hands as I fuck her hard. As we fuck we can see into our hosts back garden. We see Kirtji in the garden. She is reading something. I bend forward and kiss Caylee’s neck and face. She moves a hand down and starts to rub her clit and I continue to fuck her hard from behind. Then I run my hand down and start to play with her asshole. Then I slide a finger into her ass. When I do Caylee screams, “Oh fuck yes Chase, finger my slutty ass.” That causes the girl below to turn around and stare up the hill at us. She is transfixed. Watching as I fuck my baby sister. My sister leans back and kisses me and whispers, “I kind of like having and audience. This is hot.” In answer I just start to fuck her harder. We watch Kirtji slowly start to slide her hand into her shorts. We watch her masturbate as we fuck. Seeing her finger herself makes Caylee cum. Finally after Caylee has cum several times I feel my orgasm approaching. “Fuck Caylee I’m cumming.” I pull my cock out and cum across her back. Then step away and lean against the rail next to her and kiss her. “I don’t know about you, but I’m starving. How about I make us some dinner?” “Mmm I could use a shower before dinner,” she replies. “How about you shower while I make dinner and open some wine?” “That sounds perfect.” She kisses me, waves to Kirtji and goes inside. I wave to Kirtji and follow her. As she showers I cook us a good but simple meal and open one of the bottles of good wine we bought. After dinner we settle in with the wine and watch a movie on my laptop. About halfway through the movie Caylee’s hand drifts down to my cock and starts to stroke it. I take the hint and start to gently stroke her pussy. We start to kiss and I kiss my way down her tits and belly to her pussy and start to lick and suck her clit. She groans and moves down to my cock and starts to suck it, taking me deep into her mouth. We continue this way for a long time until I feel my own orgasm building. “Oh Caylee I’m going to cum.” “Cum in my mouth baby. I want to taste your cum.” She starts to suck me harder and faster so I start working on her pussy more. I want to make her cum too. Then I feel myself orgasm. My fluids filling her mouth as she sucks me dry. I can hear her swallowing my cum, then I feel her licking my cock clean. Then she rests her head on my stomach and lets me give her another orgasm. She crawls around so we are next to each other, the movie totally forgotten. We lay next to each other as we drift slowly off to sleep. She kisses me and says, “I’m so glad you decided to forget that we are brother and sister for this trip.” “Mmm me too, Caylee. Me too.” And then I’m asleep.

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