Black fucks hard in the ass and pussy a beautiful and good lady cock

Black fucks hard in the ass and pussy a beautiful and good lady cock

As Daddy laughed with Robbie in the front room, I knelt in the corner of the kitchen with the plug in my ass. The word “switching” echoed in my ears. Daddy had promised to switch me for not asking permission to stand or walk minutes earlier when I had retrieved a beer for Robbie. My heart beat fast as I anticipated my punishment. I heard their voices lower and I heard them quiet as Daddy walked Robbie to the door. The front door opened and swung shut. Silence filled the room where the laughter and the friends’ conversation had filled it. Daddy’s footsteps entered the kitchen as he walked toward me and knelt beside me. He stroked my back and whispered in my ear. “What’s gotten into you, Babygirl?” he crooned. I closed my eyes as his mellow bass voice sank into me. My pussy threatened to spill as I leaned a little against the question I didn’t know how to answer. “I’m sorry, Daddy—“ “Have I not been clear about the rules?” he teased and rubbed my back. He squeezed my left ass cheek and I tensed as the tenderness in the muscle activated under his touch. “You’ve been clear, my Daddy. I just…forgot.” I licked my lips as my heart began to race. He squeezed harder. “I don’t know if I believe that, Little Girl,” he spoke into my ear. His hand pushed across my thigh and he cupped my vulva. I spread my knees to allow him access and I felt the plug press against the walls of my rectum. I moaned at the discomfort paired with the pleasure under Daddy’s touch. He moaned with appreciation as he felt how wet I was. “I don’t think you forgot. I think you knew exactly what you were doing. Your truth detector is telling me (he increased the pressure on my vulva and squeezed my swollen clit between his finger and thumb) that you want your Daddy to punish his little girl.” I sighed at his words and focused on Daddy’s fingers pulling on my clit. Daddy pinched hard and withdrew his fingers. He traced my lips and pressed his fingers into my mouth. I licked the honey off his fingers as I looked into his eyes. He kissed me and pressed his insistent tongue into my mouth. I grabbed onto it with mine and swooned as we shared the taste of the excitement he builds in me. Daddy cupped my jaw and moved his hand onto my neck. I kissed him harder as goose bumps spread down my legs. He pulled me gently up and hugged me. I moaned against his chest as I held him closer to me. I pressed my pelvis into his groin and felt his hard-on press into me. He crab-walked me into the dining room and lifted me onto the table. The plug pressed deeper inside me and my eyes grew wide as the sensation sent an electrical charge to my clit. Daddy smiled and kissed me playfully as he undid his shorts and pushed them down. My eyes were transfixed on his gorgeous cock and I felt my mouth water as my pussy did. Daddy told me to lie back and he lifted my legs. He grasped the base of the plug and told me to push. As I did, Daddy gently removed it and pressed his cock against the opening. I could feel his precum against the throbbing tissue of my asshole. Daddy pressed past the opening and I slid my ass onto his groin. His cock pressed slowly inside me and I gasped at how deeply and easily he pushed inside me. He began to rock in rhythm with me as his cock slid over “Daddy’s spot”, a special place inside my rectum I had never known was there until Daddy showed me. Fireworks of arousal went from my ass to my clit. “I’m gonna cum!” I shouted as he began to fuck me faster. “You are NOT going to cum until I tell you, Babygirl,” he warned and began to pump deeper and faster until the fronts of his thighs were spanking the backs of mine. I could feel the orgasm inside me swelling and threatening to crest at any moment. “Oh, Dadddeeee,” I moaned as the waves grew and splashed inside me. “Please let me cum, Daddy. I’m so close!” He held my ankles tightly as he fucked me deeper and even as I tried to resist the urge to go over the cliff of the orgasm, when I relaxed, the sparks inside me and all over my skin made me buck harder against his cock. “Please, Daddy, I…I!” and then I screamed as the waves tore me apart and a flood of joy washed over me and through me. “Oh, no,” I thought, as I realized what I had done. I looked into Daddy’s face, terrified to find disappointment there. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I couldn’t stop it. Please don’t be mad. I’m sorry, MasterDaddy.” “I’m not mad,” Daddy said, as he slowed his thrusting. “But you are really going to get it,” he said with a mysterious smile, as he slowly pulled out and walked back into the kitchen and into the garage. I watched as he walked, bottomless, into the garage. I lay back on the table and caught my breath as I tried to fathom what Daddy had in store for me. Not cleaning the kitchen floor was bad enough, not asking permission to stand or walk was worse, but cumming without permission was one of Daddy’s major rules. And I had just broken it. I suddenly felt very scared of the impending pain and doubly scared that I had somehow subconsciously asked for it. What if Daddy was right that what I had been asking for all day was for him to punish me and to punish me harshly? How could I deny it? Of course he was right. I was excited at the thought even as I dreaded a pain I had never felt before. But I couldn’t deny it. Daddy had pained my lips with my own honey. The evidence was still on m
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y breath. I sat up on the table as Daddy reentered the kitchen. He grabbed the collar and leash from the hook by the door and in his hand were the spreader bar and some handcuffs. My mind was reeling again. “Look at me and ask for it, Little Girl.” “Please punish me, Daddy,” I said as quickly as I could. “You can do better than that,” he said. “Please punish me with the switch, Daddy?” I asked, uncertainly. “And why should I do that, my goofy little baby slut of a good girl?” Daddy’s nicknames always make me smile. “Please punish me with the switch, Daddy, because I violated your rules and I need to remember to always follow Daddy’s rules and not take short cuts and always remember that I am your little girl and slave girl and that you are in charge of me all of me and you tell me what to do and when to cum and I am so sorry I didn’t hold back harder and I and I…just need it, Daddy.” Daddy struggled not to laugh as my words spilled and I sat there feeling awkward and excited and a little scared. “Get down from there and kneel by my side, Slut,” he said, smiling. I hopped down and did as I was told. “You are having a little trouble obeying your Daddy, today, Goofy, but I have something for that.” He attached the collar to my neck and snapped the leash to the metal ring. My tits became hard and pointed at the sound of the clasp closing. I looked up at him adoringly. “Crawl,” he said and I walked on all fours over to the door and into the backyard when he opened it. The smell of nighttime, decaying flowers, grass and dirt filled my nose as I crawled after Daddy. He walked me around to the edge of the yard and examined branches. “Pay attention, Goofy. Next time you will have to pick out your own and if you make me wait too long…well, you don’t want to make your Daddy wait too long to punish your ass, do you Puppy girl?.” “No, Master,” and giggled with nervous excitement. Daddy tugged gently at the collar and went from one tree to another until he found two switches that met with his approval. He tugged again and led me to the tree standing in the middle of the yard. He commanded me to stand and placed my arms around it. I rested my face against the bark and told myself to relax and not to worry about the neighbors or about the pain that was about to come. Daddy fastened the cuffs to my wrists and then knelt behind me and gently slapped my calves. He attached the spreader bar and reached up to check on my wetness. He sighed happily as he felt how hot and wet my pussy was. He stood to my side and kissed my forehead. My skin felt electrified and I felt like time slowed as I breathed in the scent of the bark and Daddy’s salty kiss. “You’re going to be punished, Baby girl. You need to hold on and take this for your Daddy. I have two switches so if you break one, I won’t have to stop until we’re done. Understood?” “Yes, Daddy,” I looked into his eyes as he rested the first switch against my ass. He backed up a little and a little panic rushed in as I heard the whistle of the switch cutting through the air as he laid it across my flesh. I hardly felt the sting of the first sting as he brought the stick down again. I hugged the tree harder as the stings began to blossom and multiply. I looked into his face, etched with focus. As the whipping continued, I tried to wrestle away as they landed and the spreader bar rattled and didn’t let me move. I laughed at how much it hurt and how my pussy was betraying me, as she always does. Daddy didn’t laugh. My ass and hips felt fiery red and I kept longing to be held in Daddy’s strong, certain arms. The stripes stung and itched and I felt sweat puddle behind my knees and in the small of my back, but Daddy continued even as my moans became punctuated with screams. “Who are you?” he asked as the blows slowed and each landed with a red ribbon of heat. “I’m your slut,” I wailed, happy and desperate. Another whistle, another blow. “Who are you?” Daddy demanded. “Oww….I’m your slave!” Daddy striped my thighs and my cry rose up into the leaves of the tree. Daddy laid down two perfect lines on my calves. “What are people going to think when they see these marks on your pretty legs, pretty girl?” “Owwww, please fuck me,” I grunted, automatically. Another whistle, another blow, another whistle, another blow across the back of my calves and then slowly, deliberately, in sync with his words, “What”—Snap! “will” Snap! “they”—Snap! “think”? My moans became blubbers as tears from deep inside me burst from my throat. “That my Daddy used a switch on me and punished me today, Daddy, owwww, ohhhh, Daddy! I’m sorry I’m sorry!” “They will know that you needed a good switching in Daddy’s backyard, won’t they, my good girl?” Another wicked whistle and another snap across my striped and throbbing ass. “OWwwww. Yes, Daddy! They will know I got a whipping, because I was bad, Daddy.” The whooping stopped and Daddy grabbed a handful of my hair. His eyes were soft, but serious. “No, Baby. You’re never bad. You sometimes do bad things because you let too many thoughts in. Stop thinking. Just feel. Take the rest of your punishment so Daddy can fuck you.” I began crying in the wash of his words as he striped my thighs. I hugged the tree tightly and took every stripe, grateful to be punished by my true Master and Daddy.

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